DW40/window door sensors

I am looking to install DW40 sensors on my windows because of the smaller size and bypass button. Will the bypass feature need the latest firmware, or is the 1.14 firmware needed just for local logging of the bypasses?

When will the DW40 be available for sale on your site?

The DW40 will work with current (V1.13) firmware. I’m not certain whether or not we plan to sell the dw40, but will pass this along to the team that handles adding equipment to our site as a request.

You can get the DW40 here for $29

is the 1.14 firmware needed just for local logging of the bypasses?

Yes. Firmware Version 1.14* is required for logging bypass events in the System History

Code Outputs: Alarm; Alarm Restore; Supervisory; Low Battery; Tamper; Tamper Restore; Local Bypass Enabled; Local Bypass Disabled

I’ve been told by 2GIG, but not yet had the chance to test, that it will work with V1.13 (and they said upon further pressing that it would actually work with V1.12 as well). Although their documentation says V1.14.

In order to use the functionality, remove the battery from the sensor. Then while pressing and holding the tamper button, put the battery back in. Hold the tamper until the red light comes on, and at that point it, according to what I have been told, should work. We will test to confirm.

My panel is v1.11. Does anyone know if these will work with that. I tried asking my provider for an update and they said 1.11 is the latest they support and I would have to upgrade on my own at my own risk.

Who is your provider?

Firmware 1.11 is a custom firmware build

Here is the free firmware (1.14 is coming soon):

Here is the firmware update cable:

I don’t recall 1.11 being a version. It jumped from 1.10.1 to 1.12. May be a custom variant?

In any case, no, I believe you would need a firmware update.

1.11 was exclusive firmware custom for a single dealer (that is why for everyone else it went from 1.10.1 to 1.12)

I assume that is the case. It would also explain why they only provide support up to that firmware. (Couldn’t tell you any differences, if any, to 1.10 or 1.12)

You would probably want to find out what those differences are prior to updating, just to be sure.

(Couldn’t tell you any differences, if any, to 1.10 or 1.12)

You would probably want to find out what those differences are prior to updating, just to be sure.

I know the difference in the firmware versions. I compiled a change log. I do not though, know of any changes made in 1.11.

Firmware version summary
Each version is cumulative, and contains the upgrades, and fixes of prior versions. (e.g., installing v1.12 includes everything in v1.10, v1.9, v1.8, v1.7, etc)

V1.8 included TS1 touch panel support, fixes for the XCVR2, and 2way voice, silent arming and backlight off control, zwave fixes, usability improvements and enhancements, canadian-french language support, installer/configuration enhancements, firmware downloads and update cable option added, etc.

V1.9.6 includes bug fixes, backlight “always on” option (Q89), minor updates to 1.9.4/1.9.5 which enabled 3G ADC (alarm.com) cellular modules, etc. (v1.9/v1.9.2 added new support for sensors like dbell1, and smkt3, UI changes, 32 User codes, new chimes, zwave sirens, schlage/Yale lock support, zwave fixes, etc).

V1.10 adds Image Sensor capability, zwave lock motorized deadbolt Schlage capabilities/fixes, and support for zwave (Q90 energy feature) meter, and cellular module support ( Q91 radio modem supplier) for Telguard and Uplink celluar modules, minor bug fixes, UI changes, etc

V1.10.1 adds support for 2GIG GC3GA-T (AT&T) 3G Cell Radios, and associated Telguard remote services, more zwave lock support/fixes (e.g., scenerio where lock codes were being removed after system configuration changes), minor spanish language fixes, etc.

V1.12 zwave ADC/empower rules lock fix for Schlage locks (BE469), adds support for IP broadband communication capability via the Go!Bridge (adds dual communication for cellular and internet connectivity), new voice descriptors, Portuguese language, minor UI changes, XCVR2 upgraded capability, Improved backend remote capabilities, etc.This update is only for CP; TS1 on 1.10 works with panel on 1.12.

V1.13 adds new voice descriptors, adds Linear Zwave garage door opener remote support for GD00Z, linear zwave wall mount siren/strobe support (WA105DBZ-1), new/renamed equip codes, Q83 expansion for time/date/temp, new Q97 sound selection option, adds Uplink cellular remote services, improved navigation to energy information, new programming options for Go! Bridge (Q92).

Right, I mean the difference from 1.11 to 1.10 or 1.11 to 1.12

I think it is 1.10.1 with dealer customizations. (like how Vivint has customized firmware that added the central station “installer test”* button in system config)

Though it is possible it is 1.12 with dealer customizations. The way to tell is to look at the Q’s, and compare to 1.11 Q’s.

Download Firmware 1.10 Install Guide

Download Firmware 1.12 Install Guide

It is actually 1.10…had a brain fart and thought it was 1.11. Will the DW40 deactivate feature work with 1.10? What is your thoughts on using this sensor for windows vs the standard DW10?

I haven’t seen a solid price on the DW40 yet, but it is my understanding that the DW40 will be locally bypassed until the sensor closes again instead of any specific time period, so if you used a DW40 on a window you like to open for air flow, etc. from time to time, you could engage the bypass, open the window, and the sensor wouldn’t be re-armed until the window closes.

It could be useful for window purposes.

I am not sure about 1.10. I do not believe so, although the actual bypass function is self-contained in the sensor I think, it is otherwise the same as any other DW as far as I know. I would recommend updating firmware.

I ended up flashing a panel to 1.10 to test. A DW40 works fine, just again, there will be no log of any local bypass events with any firmware pre-1.14.

The DW40 is just a small standard DW contact. The bypass feature is entirely self-contained in the sensor operationally.

You would be able to use it with 1.10. (Although I still recommend updating firmware when 1.14 comes out.)

I ended up flashing a panel to 1.10 to test

Does the 1.10 panel have Q91?

I’m not 100% convinced that Q91 not appearing and the cell phone test button disappearing are related, that could be a coincidence. We’ll check with 2GIG on reasons why Q91 might not be there in firmware version 1.10. Is it possible that the manual is just inaccurate and 1.10 didn’t actually have Q91? I’ve seen 2GIG put stuff in the manual revisions ahead of the actual firmware release before.

Yes. Q91 is an option on 1.10 provided a module is installed.