Door locked announcement

Our IQ Panel has one electronic Schlage door lock connected (to the side door). It seems to be working fine, but every day at 12:31PM, the panel announces “Side Door Locked” out of the blue. It can be a bit unnerving if you are home alone, it took me a while to figure out that it happens at the same time every day.

Nothing shows up in the status/event logs as occurring at that time. Does anyone have any ideas what is going on and how to turn it off?

I’m not seeing anything in the log either at that time. The door reports activity but I’m not seeing reports at that specific time on any of the days I am looking through.

It may just have to do with the new IQ Panel 2 coming out soon and Qolsys production changes with the original panel, but this one shows it’s a new panel in our records, but the firmware is not up to date as of the manufactured date range. Mind if we push a software update for you just to make sure that isn’t having an effect?

One possibility after looking through is that the IQ panel may not be receiving the updated status of the lock when it is actually locked, then finds it after running an internal test. What distance is there between the panel and lock? It looks like there are no repeating devices currently in the network either.

Sure, a firmware update would be good, thanks.

The system is still bare bones, I am still getting settled into the new house, I haven’t even had time to install the sensors - hopefully this weekend. However, this lock is roughly 5 feet from the panel, so distance should not be an issue. The thermostats are much further away and are working fine.

Distance certainly shouldn’t be an issue then, no.

We’ve started the firmware update, let us know if you notice the lock does not state status.

Thanks, I set an alarm so I can try to be nearby to listen for it.

Interesting, it just gave the notification twice, about an hour ahead of the previous time.

Got a 3rd notification. I just unlocked the door to see what it says if it isn’t actually locked.

You’ve actually got firmware update commands going through right now, looks like they kicked in late. I would expect announcements here and there while processes restart.

When you do hear the announcement at a time when the door is not experiencing interaction, can you note the time as well? As specific as possible will help correlate with history.

Ok, it was at 11:27AM local time, but if it is still doing updates, it could be related to that. Thanks

Disregard any panel announcements until we confirm that all the commands have gone through please. I would expect it should complete within about 20-30 minutes. (there were a couple updates which could be applied, and they have to be sent sequentially.)

FYI I just checked and still waiting on the next sequence of commands to fire. I’ll let you know when I see them all complete.

Alright, finally have confirmation that firmware is complete. Now that firmware should be ruled out, please let us know if you notice this and the time, that should give us an easy way to correlate with the history and panel logs.

Since the firmware update, the panel announces any time the door is locked or unlocked. It did not previously do that, and I would prefer it not to. Like I said, the panel is 5 feet from the door, I do not need it to tell me that the door is locked when I walk in and lock it. I am not able to find a setting to change this on the panel or, any way to disable this message?

Ah, if you do not wish to hear the announcement at all you can go to Settings - System Settings - Sound. You can then disable Home Control Voice Prompts.

Looks like that disables all voice prompts? I was hoping to be able to selectively use them, for example, I’d like a voice prompt if someone opens a back yard gate. Not possible?

Looks like that disables all voice prompts? I was hoping to be able to selectively use them, for example, I’d like a voice prompt if someone opens a back yard gate. Not possible?

It will disable all Home Control (Z-wave Device) voice prompts, yes.

It will not affect sensor voice announcements. Home Control Devices are Z-wave automation devices.

You would only need to uncheck the box next to “Home Control Device Voice Prompts” You’ll need to scroll down to see this option.

I think I figured it out, I can turn off the home control voice notifications only, but leave it for sensors.

Edit: your reply was on a second page, just saw it, thanks!

Hi. I was in the process of creating a new topic when this one appeared.

I am having the identical issue as the OP in his original post. The brand of the door lock is the same as the OP and every day between 5:30 PM and 6 PM, I get an alert out of the blue that my front door has been locked.

Is there any way my firmware can be updated as well?

Is there any way my firmware can be updated as well?

Your firmware version on your panel is already far newer and unrelated to the original message in this thread. There are newer versions that can be applied though which can be done by following the steps here.

Next time you notice this, when was the device actually locked vs when was the announcement? Is it a delayed announcement?

You can also disable announcements via the steps above.

After re-reading the OP, my scenario is a bit different. I am only getting the alert through the app, no announcement from the panel. I double checked to see it it was delayed and it doesn’t appear so as I see the alert when the door was originally locked. The strange thing is that it’s always between 5:30PM and 6PM.

Pardon the firmware question, I thought it was maybe for the lock. I am updating the panel now nonetheless and will keep you updated.

Thanks for your help.

Edit: Lol. As I hit the reply button, the notification that my door was just locked came in at 6:37PM.