Device association on the 2gig edge

I added my z-wave master and remote dimmer switches in to the 2gig edge panel but I have not found anyway to associate these 2 devices so they will work as a 3-way setup. Is there a way to do this?

Im using the Cooper wiring / eaton dimmer switches

Thanks for any info.

I do not see any reference to an Associate/Association function in the installation manual.

One option which has been commonly used for other 2GIG panels is the Aeon Minimote. Here is a post describing that.

I’ll see if 2GIG has some info on possible future association through the panel.

Thanks Jason, hopefully they do since it looks like the mini mote is no longer available. I do have a wall mote but I don’t think that works the same way.

2GIG confirmed that the panel does not currently have that capability, and no ETA on if that may be added.

They suggested the same third party device option with the minimote but called out that it was discontinued of course. Alternatively they recommend using the Linear Z-wave switch and accessory 3way switch since those can be associated without input from the controller.

Those models are WD500Z5-1 and WT00Z5-1. They have a process of tapping the button a number of times on one, then the other, for pairing.