CS not responding appropriately

I have a note on my account to call even on disregard and the last three alarms, one false and two testing the CS’s response, they did not call and two of the three times I called they said it was operator error as the note was not there. Very interesting that there are that many operator errors. I understand that it is an unconventional process but could someone look into why this occurs?

Hmm, there are separate instructions for operators on any account designated for no disregard. It sounds like there is likely an issue with those instructions loading on your account. I’ll look into this with our CS team and confirm when it is resolved shortly.

Just in case, and for other readers, if you place your account on Test mode in the system manager, operators will not respond regardless until your test mode expires, but I am guessing that is not the issue in this case and you were testing with the account live, yes?

Correct and one alarm was a “real” false alarm and still the same response. I did check system manager just to make sure it wasn’t in test accidentally and it was not.

Now I just had a false alarm while at work and they cancelled without a password and said I was verified by name and phone number what the heck anyone can say they are me by saying my name if they answered my phone if I was in trouble. What the heck surety really starting to lose faith in avantguard.

That isn’t allowed they r required to ask for a passcode

Only time I have had a monitoring center not ask was for a smoke detector or trouble condition

Also on an unrelated note, when asked to check visual verification they said they could only see panel camera and patio but I have 5 cams total including the panel cam and all are checked for central station access in the ADC portal @jwcsurety

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So just called and followed up with the Central Station and they said my account was not setup to require password on disregard. The operator was very nice and considerate with my concerns and added a note for thirty days to require passcode on all alarm calls however they said dealer would have to make that a permanent note. Can you guys please do that? I thought that was a standard and has always been as long as I have been with you guys unless something changed on the CS side of things?

they said my account was not setup to require password on disregard

Just to avoid confusion here, all accounts require passwords for disregarding an alarm unless an abort signal comes in. How it works is described below:

Abort signals come in when the system is disarmed by a user. This informs operators that a trusted user is on site and operators accept this as confirmation.

The confusion in your case is that it looks like your account was changed to a No Disregard per Abort type, which should result in a call regardless of disarm signals, however it looks like an error may be occurring with that override specifically on your account. I’m working with AvantGuard IT to find and resolve this issue.

Thank you for looking into it but I didn’t abort the alarm it was still actively going off when they called and had not be aborted either by code or the app. That is what scares me that they disregarded that easy. They disregarded an active alarm with no abort signal.

Thank you for the confirmation. That should not happen. I have a call scheduled to investigate the issues you have brought up. Can you confirm the time of that alarm event? Is it the most recent one in history?

Yes 6/21/22 at 6:07pm

Alright, there were a couple issues here, and it looks like this should be resolved now. During a previous change request it looks like AvantGuard reps mistakenly applied an action sequence to your account which wasn’t Surety specific, which followed generic rules regarding passwords. All Surety accounts should require password confirmation as described above. This is why yours had so many strange effects.

Let us know the next time you get a chance to test this. It should be resolved.

Thanks! I will test later today and let you know

Hey Jason. Just tested the alarm and received no call. When I called in they said the operator disregarded because an abort was received and they could see me disarming the system on the camera. When I inquired as to why when I am a no disregard per abort he said he could see that but was unsure why the operator did not follow protocol. I will test again tomorrow to see if I get the same response. I will say the operator when I called back did say he would send it up the chain on their said to try and prevent it from happening again

They did ask for password confirmation when I called in for information this time so that part has at least been fixed I think. :slight_smile:

Just tested again and they called before I could abort and AGAIN disregarded without a passcode because “they called a verified phone number and the name matched” isn’t every number on the account going to be “verified” since I have to enter them? That is kind of crazy logic on there part.

I’m sorry I don’t mean to sound rude in my complaint I just don’t understand why for so long everything was awesome with the monitoring station and now the procedure has changed. And I don’t think it would bother me so much just verifying by name except they give that out when they say we received an alarm for Andrew langley at address _______ so therefore my name is given out. And also by not asking for a passcode there is no chance for me to give a verbal duress code should I or any other account need to. I really do like y’all’s service and affordability and in no way mad at you guys or going to switch or anything like that. Just wish the operators would follows yalls procedures and the request we as customers put on our accounts through you guys (which both tests indicated the no disregard per abort is on the account now so that is fixed they just aren’t following y’all’s passcode policy that you mentioned).

Some good news Jason! I just had a false alarm with my back patio gate and the wind blowing it open and they followed procedure in regards to the no disregard perfectly! :slight_smile: :smiley:

Would you guys just follow up on y’all’s side to make sure my password requirements are set correctly so in the case of yesterday when they call during an active alarm they require password for disregard instead of the verified phone number method?

Thank you for all y’all have done with this issue I really appreciate it!

Thank you very much for the testing. There was indeed an issue on your account specifically, and the software instructions in the operations software used by AvantGuard which are referred to as an action plan were not using our rules for passwords and your specific rules for no disregard per abort.

I was assured both of these issues were resolved prior to my last response to you, so I share your frustration and fully understand why you are upset.

I appreciate your patience on this. I’ve escalated this to the head of the relevant department at the monitoring station and will follow up with you when they have the requirements confirmed.

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