Connecting a MyQ WiFi enabled garage door opener without registering it with MyQ?

I have a WiFi-enabled garage door opener from LiftMaster. From reading through the various support posts on LiftMaster and Chamberlain, the secret sauce seems to be not registering the device with MyQ.

However, I can’t seem to find a way to program the device for WiFi without using the MyQ app.

After connecting the LiftMaster opener to WiFi, I then attempt to register the serial number through ADC. At that point, I get an error (“Registration was unsuccessful for this device. Please factory reset the device, reconnect to an internet network, then try registering again.”)

Thoughts? Does ADC only work with the standalone MyQ Internet Gateway, and not Wi-Fi enabled LiftMaster devices?

ADC should be compatible with any MyQ garage device.

The device must not be registered with Liftmaster MyQ previously. To resolve, please be sure to follow the instruction in the error message. It looks like MyQ instructions on Chamberlain’s website do now instruct you to create an account first. Instead try the following.

Factory reset the gateway, then follow these instructions:

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Thank you! That did the trick.

Before I follow the instructions on this thread, I wanted to ask if this would prevent me from using the MyQ app? I’d like the flexibility to use both MyQ and the app to control my garage doors.

Is anyone able to provide any insight into the limitations?

Unfortunately the door must either be registered through or MyQ. It cannot be registered with both.

Thank you for this post! Moving into a new house this weekend with a MyQ opener and this just saved me a bunch of time!