Connect door camera

Activated an old account and it did not connect the door came4a or smart lights. Looking for help making it work

Please help

Cameras require a video service add-on. If using an compatible doorbell camera only (no other cameras) you need the Video Doorbell Only Add-on.

Changes to your service plan are made through the System Manager feature of your Surety account. This process can be done at anytime.

Once added, video doorbells are paired via the mobile app. A variety of guides for video doorbells can be found here:

What lights are you referencing? Z-Wave lights would be paired to the panel first. Z-Wave Programming steps are found on the support site as well:

It’s not working. I have been trying to get this solved for a while and now that I got the account activated I’m out of town and cannot connect to the IOS wifi

About to get on a plane. Please let me know how to do this. My kids are at the house and can assist but I am not local right now

Steps on how to pair the Skybell can be found here

Based on the image it looks like you are almost finished. Where are you getting hung up, any specific error messages?