Concord 4 Wireless Audio?

I have a outside shop that is connected wirelessly to my Concord 4 and had a wireless keypad that works great. I am looking for a way to transmit audio from the speakers (like we have in the house) to the shop, so you would know you set off the alarm before the external loud speaker goes off.

I am thinking there has to be something that will connect to the Concord 4’s panel at the audio out connections, and transmit the audio to a speaker in my shop. Maybe something not related to alarm systems but I cannot find anything. Any help would be appreciated, running a wire is just not an option due to the concrete. Jay

If you just want to hear the the entry delay beeping or siren via a wireless sounder then you could hook a Resolution Products Wireless Siren (RE116-U) to either the siren output or one of the on-board signalling outputs.

Two onboard outputs: Can be used to activate other signaling devices based on system events. Out 1 is a 9 to 14 VDC source output, limited to 1.0 amp max. Out 2 is an open-collector output, rated up to 14 VDC, 300 mA max.

RE116-U.pdf (558 KB)