Cat or pet triggers motion detector

Hi i was wondering if you can help me adjust settings or swap out or turn off my motion detectors (if needed) because Surety monitoring center calls me each time I arm the panel at my house.

They call because motion detectors are triggered when no one is home except my cat and small dog.

I thought motion detectors only detect motion with a weight minimum.

How could I fix this situation, do i need to change motion sensors or adjust settings?


From this discussion on our Support Forum, cats are known to often trigger pet-immune motion detectors. Motion Detectors weight limits are a general expectation of size and ignores activity from roughly below the height the animal would be walking. Cats can jump and climb on furniture and other items above this height which causes detector to trigger. You can find more troubleshooting tips for false alarms from motion detectors at this link.

As a temporary solution, you can bypass a sensor when arming your system by clicking the bypass icon when arming.


Hi is there a way to bypass just certain sensors? I dont want to bypass all the motion sensors.

If theres a way to bypass certain sensor please show me how

Yes, to clarify, whenever you tap the arming option in the app you can then select “Bypass Specific Sensors” allowing you to choose which sensors to bypass.

You can also change the programming for a specific problem motion detector if you know it will always cause a problem. It can be set to sensor group 25 which is a no response type zone. This means it can be used for notification purposes in but it would never generate an alarm regardless of arming state.

If you may want to use that motion detector as an alartm sensor sometimes, just bypassing it when arming when necessary can be done while arming at the panel or in the app or website.