Motion Sensor Sensitivity

Is it possible to adjust the motion sensitivity on the IQ motion sensor? Somehow when my cat jumps off the couch just right the motion thinks its a person rather than a cat. Thanks in advance!

There is no sensitivity adjustment on that model, and cats are notorious for motion detector problems because they climb furniture and more easily trigger the motion detector beams.

Make sure that any motion detector is mounted at the proper height (7.5 feet for that model) for optimal balance between detection and pet immunity. However cats are very good and still triggering the detector. You can physically affect the range and likelihood of detection by very slightly tilting the face of the detector up but this applies to all motion, including what you are trying to capture, so I don’t recommend going against manufacturer instructions.

Repositioning motion detectors so that favorite climbing furniture is out of range or out of view is sometimes the best option with active cats.

Do you have any recommendations for models of pet friendly motions that have sensitivity adjustment that works with the iq panel?

The PowerG PIR/Microwave detector will likely perform best in terms of filtering nuisance alarms.