Can't clear an alert

On Nov 30 we had a power outage and a TS1 had an alert where it indicated loss of power. I acknowledged it.

As of today it still shows up on my main panel as an alert. I does state that I acknowledged it.

I am wondering why it does not clear and if it will clear or how to make it clear.

Have you tried power cycling the panel? The alert should go away when the underlying issue is resolved.

Was the power outage during a storm?

Powercycled panel and it now says “loss of keypad power”. Went to the keypad and it shows that its plugged in via the icon.

Acknoledged the alert and it still shows up. The date has now changed to todays date on the alert

We’ve sent a hard reset which should clear any alerts.

May be addressing the wrong thing though if the TS1 is the cause. Try power cycling the TS1 by holding the two front face buttons, should take about 5 seconds. Any change on the panel?

seems to have cleared it

it cleared this but I think created a problem in the other issue in the other thread regarding rules