Cannot find Primary Controller to uncheck

I have the Qolsys IQ Panel 2+. I am wanting to set it up as a secondary controller.
For the life of me I cannot find the box to uncheck it as primary. I am fearing that the option is simply no longer there. Help!
I have seached here. I have searched manuals. I have read tutorials. It’s imply not there.
Z-wave options set to advanced. Under Z-wave options, it’s simply not there.

I’ll reply to myself to say that checking Advanced Z-wave options only adds Replace Failed Node.
No other options are added except that when advanced is checked.

Found my answer here. Very disappointed. Considering sending it back.
What are my alternatives if secondary controller ability is a needed feature?

Yes, unfortunately, as of the newer Zwave firmware version of 6.81.03 Qolsys removed the secondary controller feature. Z-Wave firmware cannot be rolled back either.

The only way to use a Qolsys IQ Panel 2+ as a secondary controller at this point would be to have a panel with a Z-Wave FW lower then 6.81.03. Unfortunately, all new panels will have that Z-Wave firmware. Additionally, this Z-Wave firmware is not listed on the packaging, making it harder to obtain a panel second hand without the proper firmware.

There would be no other alternative with the Qolsys panel.

I responded in another thread a bit lower. But the button has now appeared!
It appeared to pair but then I got some errors.
When I first press add/remove button on the qolsys panel it says something about entering a security pin (it lists a long number) into the primary device.
I tried again and it simply bypassed that and started pairing. I ended up with 3 unknown devices. You might take a look at the other thread below.

Thank you.

I’m just talking to myself here but the option has now appeared! Yay. Much joy.

Do you mean the Add/Remove Controller feature has appeared on the Qolsys panel? What is your panel’s Z-Wave firmware version? To confirm, navigate to Settings > Advanced Settings > About > Z-Wave.

As of Z-Wave Firmware 6.81.03 this is no longer a supported feature and the issues may occur if attempting to pair.

The PIN it is likely looking for is an S2 Z-Wave pin, which may not be applicable in this case.