Camera access from panel

I have a Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus, with a connected doorbell camera. When I attempt to view the doorbell video from the panel I get an error: “Sorry and error occurred. Please try again or contact your dealer. Error code 0.” Can you please assist? Thanks.

Sorry it’s giving you trouble. Have you had a chance to read through this how to on setting it up?

Thanks. Yes, I checked all steps here and have confirmed I have followed the right steps (including the panel power cycle). Both the panel and the doorbell are on the same wifi network as well. What should I try next?

Hi. I had a similar issue that @jwcsurety helped me with. It was caused by 2 factor authentication being enabled on my account.

Don’t know if that’s your issue, but it resolved mine. Here is the thread:

Thanks TenBk – two factor authentication was indeed the issue! Hopefully support can work with to get this fixed.

Ah yes, that is a common issue. Agreed, we’re trying to push for a fix.

@mjs2609 No problem.