Brand new RE206 not working

I just got by RE206 and attempted to add it to my old vivint system AND to my new 1.13 upgraded surety panel.

On both panels it would learn the SN / correctly signal a tamper condition; however I can not get it trip in either a loop 1 or loop 2 configuration.

Again I know it is working to some extent because it will tamper as soon as I take the cover off.

I have included a SS of the summary of the configuration.

I have also tried different configurations of type (entry/exit 2, and report only [forget the exact name]).

Am I doing something wrong or do I have a defective sensor?

I am curious now, as another poster has said something similar. How are you testing the tilt sensor? Is it installed?

Are you tilting it then returning it vertical or are you leaving it horizontal?

Hold it vertical for 5 seconds, then tilt it forward and leave it horizontal. Does it trip?

Also, is there a different response between left-right vertical to horizontal movement and tilting it forward onto the face of the cover?

I tried testing it (by hand, not installed) in every orientation I could think of.

It is currently disabled, but I will go check in a few moments.

It is also a rev D

OK… I re-enabled it in (type => 01) and held it on my front door (to align it perfectly vertically) while my panel rebooted.

I tried every single orientation I could think of, both just at the panel home screen (being a 01 sensor it should trip it from green / yellow) and the walk test.

Nothing I did (expect trigger a tamper) showed up.

I know the battery is at least good enough to learn the SN and trip the tamper, so the radio isn’t faulty. And the SN reports what is printed on the unit.

I am at a loss.

See this thread:

The tilts are just about the worst security sensor IMO.

I am aware riven. My intention is not to have it as an entry/exit sensor but rather a notification of door left open.

It doesn’t matter how you program it, you can program a garage door reed switch the same (no response/notification only/non reporting).

The issue is that the tilt’s are notorious for falsing, and not working properly. I will never use a tilt sensor just because they have a history of being unreliable. What is the point of sensoring your garage door, if you can’t count on the sensor working properly? The tilts are $30, the overhead garage door reed switches are $16 (a DW10 is $22).

My suggestion is that that you replace the tilt with a more reliable sensor (that actually works)… or not. Your call.

Just to verify the sensor is properly programmed:

Hit logo at bottom right of screen
Enter installer code
System configuration

Right arrow to blank sensor location
Down arrow
*(02) exit/entry 2
Down arrow
(1061) GARAGE01 Resolution products tilt sensor
Down arrow
Learn serial (or hit shift then learn)
Activate tamper to get serial programmed
Down arrow
(0) new equip
Down arrow
Loop (2) 2
Down arrow
(0) disable dialer delay
Down arrow
Voice descriptor (“insert”, enter code…example ‘Garage Door’ code is “101” and “058” for all codes see: Descriptor codes)
Down arrow
(1) report enabled
Down arrow
(1) supervised enabled
Down arrow
(01) voice only


Thanks for the troubleshooting tips. I am not at the panel ATM, but that all looks the same, except for perhaps the dialer delay and voice descriptor. And neither of those should effect the panel detecting that a sensor is open.

I posted a screenshot of the config summary in my OP, but I will double check later that they are the same.

Programming verified, I even blanked out the zone I had it in (12) in case there was some weird error prior to my 1.13 upgrade.

I made a video demonstrating the programming, that it will not trip in any orientation, and that it WILL send a tamper (indicating that the sensor is communicating with the panel).

I did clear out the previous zone (12) of every setting before doing this and I did reboot the panel both after clearing zone 12 and after adding zone 13.

At this point I am inclined to think the sensor is defective.

The resolution re206 tilt has never been a dependable sensor. That is why Surety has for years been telling users to not program it as an alarm initiating device.

There are better, more reliable options for sensoring a garage door.

I am aware of your dislike of the tilt sensors riven, thank you.

However there is a difference between unreliable and flat out defective.

And my RE-206 has been dead nuts reliable as an alarm sensor for months now in one of the windier areas of the country according to building codes.

And my RE-206 has been dead nuts reliable as an alarm sensor for months now in one of the windier areas of the country

Don’t you have a Qolsys panel? I was under the impression that used the RE106, not the RE206. Even if you do have the RE206, it’s good that you actually have one that functions properly. Apparently a high percentage of RE206 users are not so lucky.

I am aware of your dislike of the tilt sensors

I am a strong believer that a installed security sensor should operate properly and not malfunction. Its is pretty well known that the tilt doesn’t meet that high standard.

About 18 months ago there was a known defect in the RE206, this sensor not working properly is nothing new, and apparently there are still problems that were probably never really fixed.

JAY @ Surety posted March 27, 2014

spoke with Resolution Products and the agent I spoke with says that it is a known issue [malfunction/false activations] that they are currently working on, but they are currently uncertain what the cause of the problem is

Jason @Surety posted April 17 2015

Overhead garage doors can use either Tilt sensors or more heavy duty switches. If you just want notification of the door opening, either would be fine. If you want it to be an alarm generating sensor, I would suggest the switch with a wireless transmitter (door contact with a wired input.)

The sensors are, in my opinion, borderline defective. Why do you think Surety strongly suggests these only be used as no response, zone type 23 sensors? It’s because they are not reliable enough to be used as a normal alarm initiating door sensors.

In a nutshell, if your RE206 malfunctions/doesn’t function, you have two options:

Option 1:
Replace it with another RE206 and cross your fingers that the replacement works.

Option 2:
Replace the RE206 with another garage door sensor (the $16 heavy duty waterproof garage door reed switch being a simple to install, viable option in that regard).

Easy peasy.

I am aware of the options. And not that it matters but it has always been my intention to have this as a non-response sensor. The only reason I have it as a 01/02 now is for testing (see OP).

I am not looking for advice on how to design my system or solve this problem (wouldn’t that be the Design Your System forum?), I am looking to troubleshoot this RE206.

I am pretty sure that I have done everything correctly; however I do not do this everyday. As with all things like this there are always pockets of expert knowledge that can be had if one were just to ask. I would love nothing more than for an expert to spot an error in my programming or testing methodology and have the sensor work.

So my point was to confer with the experts here and see if they agreed that the sensor was in fact defective. I feel that when we start debating whether or not the sensor I have is the best solution it detracts from the actual point.

So my question, to surety, is this: do you agree that this sensor is defective, perhaps a bad batch with two so close? If that is the case what is the RMA procedure for defective merchandise? I skimmed the return policy and, if I recall correctly, it just states that you honor the manufacturers warranty.

If you:
A. Verified proper programming
B. Verified proper orientation/Installation

If it doesn’t work, then it needs replacement. There is no further “troubleshooting”, or a jerry rig “fix”.

This is the RMA procedure:

This was all previously discussed, and posted in the other identical thread previously posted for you

I have verified to the best of my ability; however I am looking for someone with more experience double check that I have not made a mistake. That is why I made the video… So people could see the programming and how I was testing the sensor. Is that a valid test? I don’t know, I have never had a RE206 before. I would think so, but perhaps there is some sort of denouncing going on.

am looking for someone with more experience double check that I have not made a mistake

I have been messing with and programming 2GIG panels, and unlocking/taking over Vivint panels since 2011. I was the moderator for the 2GIG board on diysecurityforum ( now, the admin of, and blog author on hubpages for how to cancel Vivint (amongst other things).

Serial #
Zone type (02) or (23) not (01) as this is usually for your front door. You can set the exit/entry 2 delay via Q5 and Q7.

Mount it as shown in pic, top of garage door, with the decorative markings on the bottom, and open/close garage door.

If it doesn’t work, and its within 30 days, RMA it.

Honestly, this is simple stuff. You are making it more difficult then it needs to be.

Everything you need to return a defective unit is here (the address to which to return it is on the linked to form).

Thank you Amanda, it looks like I have to pay return shipping, is that correct?

Correct, and we cover the replacement shipping.