Automation Schedule not turning off - how to fix?

I have an automation schedule for 7:20am to turn on the shades in my kids rooms during the weekday. Summer is here and camp starts later for them, so I changed the automation to be disabled (the toggle switch). I don’t see a save button, but when I log back in, the toggle is off.
However, this am, the shades went up again and so is my other automation rule that I had disabled. I checked the Lutron app and Alexa Routines to ensure there was no other duplicate schedules.

Do I need to completely delete the rule? All the devices are Lutron in the schedule. Thanks for the help.

I believe I see the related rule in your schedules, but it appears to be toggled on right now.

Try toggling it off again. If you notice it occur again, delete the rule.

Yes, I toggled it back on and changed the time to a later time to see if that works.

So, my shades went up at the same time. I have two different schedules that I changed, and they both went on at the original schedule times instead of the revised times.

Example, originally, I had the schedule set to 7:20am and changed it to 8:10am. However, the next day, the shades still came up at 7:20am, even though I had the revised schedule set to 8:10am. I put them down manually after, and the shades went up at 8:10am as well.

So, it appears it’s recognizing the new schedule, but didn’t overwrite or get rid of the old schedule. I’ll try deleting the schedule today and recreating a new one. If that doesn’t work, should I unlink Lutron integration, then relink it? If I do that, do I have to rename and resetup everything again? It would be a huge inconvenience. Thanks.

I wouldn’t remove and reconnect Lutron yet.

Delete the Schedule and leave it deleted for 24 hours to see if the original still occurs.

If it does, let me know, because should be able to help me identify how automation is still firing and potentially fix it without removing Lutron. If it is still firing with no related schedule saved on the account that certainly doesn’t add up.

If successful and it does not fire, recreate the schedule as desired, make sure it runs, then try toggling it off.

It’s getting even worse now! So yesterday I deleted the rule and setup a new rule with same name and “(New)” suffix with a time of 8:20am to open.

Well today, the shades opened at 7:20AM, and also at 8:10am, and 8:20am.
So, it recognized the old original rule and the old original rule time change.

My wife and kids are ready to kill me. My wife is making me stand outside the kid’s doors tomorrow to turn the shades off as soon as they come on.

Let me know what we can do here. Thanks.

Hmm, well that is a strange issue, but at least it is a pattern.

It is odd, I do not see any automation firing from ADC at those times. I only see reports that the Shades are opening.

Ultimately looks like wherever they are stored and firing from whether that is Lutron API or account or ADC they are not getting deleted when the schedule is removed. I have reached out to for clarity on that and to help get those cleared out. If they recommend removal of Lutron and re-adding it I will let you know. Hopefully that won’t be needed.

1 Like reps were equally confused and they have escalated this.

I would actually recommend deleting the three shades from the Lutron system if possible. Wait at least 1 hour, then pair them again.

That should clear out any related schedules. Also the devices should be new iterations which would not be affected by the same rule.

So I did a test and here are the results:

I went into Lutron and unlinked the Kid’s shades and did NOT readd them. The shades did not go up today.

On the Master Shades, I unlinked them (for about 6 hours) then relinked them. I then went into ADC and added them back into the 'New" Schedule for 8:20AM.
Today the shades went up at 8AM (Original schedule that was deleted), 8:10AM (The modified original schedule that was deleted), and 8:20AM (The current schedule in ADC).

Did you delete all the “master” related shades in the schedule?

This is good info, I am updating the ADC ticket. It also makes no sense, but that might make this easy to pinpoint for ADC.

So, the other schedule is comprised of the master shades, master bath shades, and a ton of others. I unlinked and relinked the entire Master bedroom (5 shades).

When I unlinked the 5 master shades from Lutron it automatically removed it from the schedule, requiring me to readd it.

Any update from ADC on this? Should I try adding the kids shades back and see what happens?

I have not received any confirmation of any fixes or cause yet, but it was escalated to engineers at ADC.

It is always good to see more data, so if you add them back and set a schedule let me know what you see.

Actually just got an update this afternoon that ADC engineers believe they resolved this and this issue should no longer occur. Try re-enabling the devices and rule as needed.

Ok, so I noticed that on Monday, the Master Shades stopped going up at 8:00am & 8:10am and just went up at 8:20am as it is scheduled to. However, I turned off the 8:20am schedule for the master shades for the past 2 days, and they still come on.

I readded the kids shades back to a new schedule for 8:20am and they only came on during 8:20am.

They still need to fix the disabling part since it doesn’t recognize it is turned off. Also, I’m worried if I change the time, I wonder if it will work or still be the same issue.

Thanks, I’ve let our rep know that it looks like engineers cleared the old schedule data but the underlying problem is still there. I assume since we have engineer’s eyes on it already they will be able to resolve quickly but in the meantime if you do make an edit to one of the lutron schedules and the old one continues, let me know and we can have them delete the old data.

Hi, I was hoping there was an update. The 8:20am schedule I have turned off is still running and needs to be off. Can ADC clear that for now. Also, any idea on when this will be fixed. It will be impossible to setup or use any scheduling with Lutron items if they don’t have the functionality working correctly. It’s been quite some time; I would have hoped it would have been corrected by now. Thanks for the help.

I reached back out to because I had not heard a follow up yet. I don’t have an ETA regarding the behavior at this time, but it is being investigated currently I am told.

Since there is an API element to this, they did recommend disabling Lutron integration, then re-enabling and connecting the Lutron account again. I had hoped to avoid that, but refreshing the account link may be necessary.

So I went into the Lutron app and unlinked ADC. All the devices are still in ADC. How long does it take for them to drop off? Or do I need to do something in ADC to remove them?

That may be a symptom of the issue. I got some confirmation from ADC, not much detail, but there appears to be a bug with communication with Lutron on a handful of accounts where syncing is severely delayed.

They haven’t been able to identify the exact cause yet, whether that is a specific device model, software version, etc., but it seems very rare.

What are the last devices you added to your Lutron account?

To clear out those devices I think we will want to remove the service plan feature and re-add it. Can I go ahead and do that now?