Automation Schedule not turning off - how to fix?

I’ve unlinked the Lutron devices already, so clearing out that plan feature should be fine. Shouldn’t affect Nest, Sonos, Rachio, MyQ, Etc?

No, it is specific to Lutron. I have toggled that for you. Looks like all the Lutron devices are cleared out.

Can you confirm what were the most recent device additions to your Lutron system?

The latest changes were I removed 3 shades and readded the shades:
Ethans Shade, Ryans Shade and Ryans Bathroom Shade.

I just logged in and no Lutron items there anymore.

All Lutron devices are sorted by when they were added. Top of list are first ones added; bottom of list are latest added. No way to sort or alpha sort them.

Should I relink Lutron to ADC now, add one test shade, add shade to schedule, turn schedule off and see what happens?

Yes, you can go ahead and reconnect the Lutron account and test.

Will do and will report back.

I have max 60 Lutron lights and 28 shades. Will all these show on the IQ4 panel in 24 hours?

Relinked Lutron to ADC (this time from ADC website instead of from Lutron app). It imported all my devices and naming from before. I setup a test schedule at night for the kitchen shade and immediately turned it off and the next morning the shade schedule still activated. So it’s still an issue even after relinking.

Alright thank you for confirming. I will let ADC know it persists after toggling the plan item.

Any fix yet?

I am not showing one at this time. As soon as we have more information we will follow up.

Still having this issue. I have a light I put on a schedule and deleted the schedule months ago. The light still comes on every day.

This is a huge issue with such a large partner integration. Since they have had ample time, is there any update? Thanks.

I dug into this ticket in, and I have not seen any additional details. I agree it is a very long time for a fix. Based on the ticket history it looks like the issue was believed to be gear dependent, specific version(s) being affected in rare cases. They indicated very few examples were available.

I reached out to ADC again today about the still open ticket and requested information.

Are you able to tell if there are any software updates available for your Lutron gateway/main repeater?

Can you confirm the software/firmware version of your Lutron gateway?

I’m not sure as the end user that I’m able to find the firmware version myself. I’ve put a help ticket into Lutron to find it. I will post back once I have it. Thanks.

The Homeworks QSX processor firmware is at 24.01.18f000

They said for the scheduling on “They are solely coming from the side of things and might not be deleting properly out of their side.”

Thank you for the firmware.

ADC engineers were able to manually clear the old schedules previously so I would expect it on their side. Everyone tends to point fingers when the errors are really strange, but my hunch is that what Lutron support told you is correct. I am not sure why it is occurring on your account specifically.

I’ve followed up with our reps at ADC to get it escalated again.