August Smart Lock Z-Wave Issues?

Has anyone had sustained success with August Smart Lock Pro and ADC/Qolsys integration? At one time they were on the ADC compatible products list but seem to have been removed. I’ve been fighting with one for about a year with little success. When connected to Z-wave it tends to drop off within a day or so and requires power cycling with battery removal to reconnect. I also had battery issues were it would die within 10 days or so. August recently sent me a new one under warranty but I’m not sure it’s any better.
I have three other Kwikset locks on the system that work flawlessly but this particular door won’t accommodate the Kwikset dimensional profile without substantial modification. I could try the Danalock but I’ve seen very little review with that product and z-wave integration, I’m concerned I may have the same issues with that unit and be out $300 for the educational experience.
So TLDR, has anyone had a good experience with the August lock connected via Z-wave or should I give up? ended support for new August Smart lock installations as of June 21, 2021.

August released a new generation of the Pro which if I recall had some compatibility issues and support was dropped.

Supported locks are listed here. Danalock is one of the models.

Any comments on the quality/functionality of the Danalock product? Seems similar to the August lock and I really don’t want to waste money on another turd of a lock. Especially since the Danalock is around $300.

Only a handful of posts reference the brand and as we do not carry the lock, I could not speak to its quality.