Anyone own Both the ADC-VDB770 And ADC-VDB750 Doorbells?

If you can provide me feedback on both of them? What do you personally see as the pros and cons of both and which one do you think is better?

If I can only get responses from people who have actually owned both

We have seen some limited battery issues with the 770s built in internal battery and power issues in general when correct steps are not taken to power the 770 correctly.

Overall, the biggest difference between the two cameras is that the VDB750 does not have an internal battery. While the camera will not work without power, the camera has less power related issues when compared to the 770 and older Skybell cameras.

More information on both including specs and features can be found below:

Which one is newer the 750 or 770? I can’t find official release dates. One would think the 770 by model number but Reddit says the 750 is newer and better. Is the accurate? Are the AI functionality the same? Also, any word if they’ll allow onboard recording?

No onboard recording at this time.

AI analytics is the same ADC software between the two. The 750 is indeed newer. It is a battery-less version which is a bit more robust.