Alarm Panel Problem

I am having issues with an existing 2GIG Go!Control alarm panel. Could you help address the problems I am running into?

We would be happy to help out!

What problems or errors are you running into? Is it the same issue occurring repeatedly or multiple issues? Please describe any alerts your panel may show as well.

Judging by the account this is tied to, I’m guessing that Radio Modem Network Failure may be a trouble alert you are seeing. The panel in this case is running very old firmware and a 2G T-Mobile communicator.

AT&T 2G networks have been dismantled, and existing 2G resources dwindle for other carriers. Signal strength for the panel looks very low, and local troubleshooting is unlikely to resolve that.

In this case, if you are having signaling issues, new firmware and a new communication module, 3G or better would be required.

A post referencing the 2G network dismantling can be found here.

Before getting too far ahead though, we would want to verify any other issue you may be seeing. Please let us know!

So what would be a solution? Replacing the 2Gig Go panel or is there an part that can be used to upgrade this console to the 3G spec?

The cell communicators in 2GIG panels are modular and replaceable. You would not need to replace the whole panel. To upgrade and resolve signaling, you would need to obtain a new communication module, with links below, and upgrade the firmware on the panel.

3G AT&T (requires at least 1.9.6 firmware)

3G Verizon (requires at least 1.9.5 firmware)

4G Verizon LTE (requires at least 1.17 firmware)

You can use this coverage check tool to determine which carrier has better coverage.

This video shows the process for swapping the communication module.

Upgrading the firmware would require the 4-pin firmware update cable and a PC. You would want to apply 1.9.6 firmware first before upgrading any higher (if using a 3G module, 1.9.6 would be all you need for functionality) 1.9.6 can be downloaded from our archive here.


I have found the cell communicator on Amazon and it seems to be the identical. Can you confirm compatibility? Its on Amazon as 2gig GCCDMV CDMA Cell Radio Module. Url is

That looks to be the correct 3G Verizon model, yes.

Make sure to verify that the modules are new stock and that the vendor is reputable. If the modules are used, they may be still associated with an account, which would render them unusable, or they may be older and registration revoked through the carrier.


Last question–is there an antenna that should come with the module?

Yes, each module is shipped with a cellular antenna. There is a small port on the module board for it to plug into.

Make sure to switch that as well when making the swap. The smaller 2G antenna should not be used with the 3G cell module and will negatively affect signaling.

Jason, received the module and have replaced it and the antenna. I have also updated the firmware. I am now having a new issue— when I send an arm command from my phone, it takes forever nut disarm commands are prompt. I am also not receiving notifications and they are turned on in the app.

In order to communicate with, your new module will need to be associated to your account. It looks like it was not purchased through suretyDIY so we would not have the proper details on file. So that our team can associate your new module with your account, please provide the module communication number in a secure message to our team.

The required number is labeled IMEI on AT&T modules and ADC on Verizon modules. This will be found on a sticker on the module itself as well as on the product box. You can also find the number in panel settings by following the steps in this video.

Secure message sent!

Thank you. As a follow up, I took a look at the account and you may need to run another cell test to complete a few commands currently. Could you run a cell test at the panel?

Cell phone test failed…it daid it didnt get a response from ADC.

Now it’s saying it was successful. I’ll run it again.

Successful! Does this mean that the new radio console has been associated with my account?

Yes, it has been swapped, but the last few commands need to complete and it looks like there is an inbound delay occurring.

Can you confirm that you have swapped the antenna as well to the new larger 3G antenna ?

Can you run one more cell test? The cell tests open inbound communication and should let these last few command through.

Do you happen to have a Verizon cell extender in the home? This can cause inbound delays if the module phone is not added to the extender’s whitelist


No Verizon services here…were are a Sprint household. Running the cell test again.

Still getting the “didnt get receipt from ADC” then it resets the radio and says that the test completed successfully.

Still cant arm system from phone and yes, i do have the larger antenna installed.

Hmm, well you have a solid signal strength but it seems there are some inconsistencies. Let’s try a couple things.

Try not to send any additional arming/disarming commands yet. They will likely all be delayed.

First, try following the steps in the following video. This will force re-registration of the module and should resolve any issues with OTASP.