Outdoor Camera - False Motion Alarms

I was hoping for some support on an issue I am having with my 2 cameras model ADC-V723. I have been unable to get the motion sensitivity working properly on either camera. Its either so sensitive that I get dozens of false alarms from things like bugs, or it won’t record at all even when cars come up and past either camera. I have tried making the 3 individual zones inside each camera and making the boxes small, not too sensitive and asking for a 50% target size so it only gets people and cars but its not working. Does anyone have any recommendations?

This is a good thread that goes into detail on best practices.

The thing you may need to adjust based on your description are your boxes. Try to think of them as digital trip-wires, creating long thin boxes which allows the target size to remain high with low sensitivity.

Outdoor cameras will always be subject to more false recording hazards in general. You’ll never filter out all unneeded recordings with VMD unfortunately, but you can stop a large percentage usually.

If you are still having trouble after reading over that thread, send us a private message with an example screenshot of the camera view and the VMD boxes. We can give advice specific to that.

I followed the advice and was able to redo all of the boxes. It stopped all the false alarms during the day but not at night. When its dark out the camera picks up all sorts of small things like dust and bugs and triggers all night long. I have since had to disable the sensors at night but that is when I need the cameras most. I am uploading a sample video showing one of the weird things setting it off. It happens even with sensitivity levels low and if I go too low then it stops picking up cars and people. Any advice would be appreciated.

Outdoor VMD is especially difficult to filter out events. At night, objects like bugs or precipitation appear exaggerated in size due to the IR glow. The cameras use the hue changes of pixels to determine movement.

There is not much going on in that clip, but you are right, bugs are a huge driver of unwanted recordings.

Analytics can help. Typically video analytics is better at filtering out unwanted objects. Analytics rules allow you to create similar schedules, but analytics rules can actually identify the cause of the motion, human, vehicle, animal, etc.

Analytics is included in the Complete plan. You can adjust your plan and try out Complete at any time by visiting the System Manager here.