Lutron Integration


What Lutron solutions are compatible with supports the following Lutron solutions:

  • Connect Bridge
  • Caséta Wireless
  • RA2 Select
  • RadioRA 3
  • RadioRA 2
  • Homeworks QS
  • Homeworks QSX

Important : An internet connection is required for Lutron Integration. All communication with Lutron devices are routed through a gateway (i.e., Lutron Connect Bridge, Smart Bridge for Caséta Wireless, Repeater for RadioRA 2 and RA2 Select, and Processor for Homeworks QS and Homeworks QSX) that is connected to the internet via an Ethernet connection.

Connect Bridge

The Lutron Connect Bridge creates a link between a RadioRA 2 or HomeWorks QS system and the Lutron cloud, enabling remote access to the system.

  • Allows use of RadioRA 2 or HomeWorks QS system with

Caséta® Wireless

Caséta Wireless with Smart Hub (formerly Smart Bridge) or Smart Hub Pro (formerly Smart Bridge Pro) is a wireless mini-system ideal when users want individual control in a single room or a smaller home or condominium.

  • Perfect for installing in existing rooms; no new wiring required
  • C.L technology for controlling dimmable LEDs and CFLs

RadioRA® 3

The powerful RadioRA 3 processor saves time with a faster, easier-than-ever installation process while offering customers an expanded lineup of high-end lighting and shade options.

  • Powered by PoE, the all-in-one processor can be placed centrally in the home without the need for a nearby power outlet
  • Compatible with most RadioRA 2 and RA2 Select devices so existing customers can expand their systems with the latest RadioRA 3 wall controls
  • Turn on and off lights, using in-wall light switches and dimmers
  • Raise and lower shades
  • Control small appliances, like TVs and coffee makers with RadioRA 3 plug-in modules
  • Control these devices from the mobile app or website, as well as combine them with other smart devices with Scenes for the full smart home experience

RadioRA® 2

RadioRA 2 is a wireless system that’s ideal for coordinated control in a few rooms or a whole home (up to 5,000 square feet).

Note: A Connect Bridge is required to use this device with

  • Utilizes backlit, custom engraved keypads
  • Controls the full line of Lutron wireless shading styles
  • Controls lights and shades simultaneously
  • Easy integration (just enter serial number)

Homeworks® QS

Homeworks QS is a wireless, wired or hybrid system for control of a whole home (up to 30,000 square feet or more).

Note: A Connect Bridge is required to use this device with

  • Offers most color choices for controls
  • Offers most keypad options

Homeworks® QSX

HomeWorks QSX is Lutron’s next generation wireless, wired, or hybrid system for control of a whole home.

  • Works with native intelligent light sources like Ketra full spectrum lighting.

Lutron Commonly Asked Questions

What Service Plan is needed to use Lutron through Surety?

Lutron integration is included through Surety users with the following service plans:

  • Surety Home
  • Surety Complete

What features are supported with the Lutron Integration?

  • Plug-in switch and dimmer control
  • In-wall switch and dimmer control
  • Light schedules
  • Individual shade control

How to integrate Lutron System with

Can users that have Lutron create the same rules and schedules as users that have Z-Wave lights?

Yes. You can utilize the same rules and schedules available for Z-Wave lights, including Geo-Fence. Additional options in terms of scenes and rules are available through the Lutron software. One exception is the rule that turns on a light when a Doorbell Camera button is pressed or senses motion, which is currently not offered.

Rules triggered by sensor activity are based on their status according to This may differ from the sensor’s status locally at the panel.

How many Lutron devices can be integrated with

The platform does not place any limit on the number of Lutron devices that can be integrated. However, the Lutron platform does have a limit of 100 devices.

Can the user see the Lutron devices on the lights screen of the security panel?

Viewing Lutron devices from the panel is only available on Qolsys IQ Panel 4, IQ4 Hub, and IQ4 NS with firmware 4.3.0+. No other panels will be able to view their Lutron devices from the security panel.

Integration with Lutron devices is done through the cloud. Lutron devices communicates with their respective gateway (i.e., Homeworks QS processor, Radio RA2 Repeater, or Caséta Smart Bridge) through their proprietary radio frequency (RF) called Clear Connect, or wired communication (in the case of Homeworks QS or Homeworks QSX). Lutron devices do not communicate locally with the security panel. This means that when connection with the gateway is lost, users will not be able to control the Lutron devices.