Give Back, Get Back Give Back, Get Back helps smart thermostats work with electric utility companies’ energy saving programs, which may qualify customers for special savings or incentives.

These programs are usually run during the hot summer months when electrical demand is high due to air conditioner use. By enrolling in a supported program, customers allow their utility provider to offset their thermostat setpoint during peak hours to lessen the load on the power grid. Utility providers may also lower the temperature before peak hours to increase comfort before the setpoint is increased during peak hours.

Note : Any customer enrolled in Give Back, Get Back is able to opt out of a single event or opt out of the program entirely at any time. Opting out will have an effect on available savings/incentives offered through the program.

The Give Back, Get Back program is offered for customers in supported markets using thermostats.

To opt into the Give Back, Get Back program:

  1. Log into the customer website.
  2. In the Thermostats card, click >.
  3. Click Give Back, Get Back.
  4. Click Settings and Notifications.

Email notifications give customers advanced notice of thermostat adjustments. There is an average of 6-10 peak events per season. To override settings, customers simply increase or decrease the temperature during an event.

Supported Energy Programs

These are the supported Give Back, Get Back programs as of 7/8/2024.

Energy Program Name Status Active State(s)/Province(s)
Smart Savings Rewards Actively Enrolling New York
PSEG Long Island Smart Savers Actively Enrolling New York
Smart Savers program Actively Enrolling New York
Southern California Edison’s Smart Energy Program Actively Enrolling California
Smart Savers Rewards Actively Enrolling Connecticut
Austin Energy Power Partner™ Thermostat Program Actively Enrolling Texas
WiFi Thermostat Rewards program Actively Enrolling Texas
Smart Savings Rewards Actively Enrolling New York
Sawnee Smart Savers Actively Enrolling Georgia
LES Peak Rewards Actively Enrolling Nebraska
SRP BYOT program Actively Enrolling Arizona
Smart Energy Program Actively Enrolling Alaska
ConnectedSolutions Actively Enrolling New York
ConnectedSolutions Actively Enrolling Massachusetts
APS Cool Rewards Actively Enrolling Arizona; Colorado; New Mexico
DTE Smart Savers Actively Enrolling Michigan
Eversource ConnectedSolutions Actively Enrolling Massachusetts
Unitil ConnectedSolutions Actively Enrolling Massachusetts; New Hampshire
MGE Connect Actively Enrolling Wisconsin
Duke Energy Power Manager Thermostat program Actively Enrolling North Carolina; South Carolina
Duke Energy Progress EnergyWise Thermostat program Actively Enrolling North Carolina; South Carolina
LADWP Power Savers program Actively Enrolling California
CenterPoint Energy Smart Cycle Actively Enrolling Indiana
Entergy New Orleans Energy Smart EasyCool Actively Enrolling Louisiana
ConnectedSolutions Actively Enrolling Massachusetts
Duke Energy Power Manager Thermostat program Actively Enrolling Indiana; Ohio
Energy Wise Wi-Fi Thermostat program Actively Enrolling Minnesota
Entergy Mississippi Smart Thermostat Program Actively Enrolling Georgia; Mississippi; Tennessee
PSO Power Hours Actively Enrolling Oklahoma
SMECO SmartTemp Actively Enrolling Maryland
Power Savers New York Actively Enrolling New York
Appalachian Power’'s Bring Your Own Thermostat program Actively Enrolling Virginia; West Virginia
Colorado Springs Utilities Peak Energy Rewards Actively Enrolling Colorado
IMPowerRewards Actively Enrolling Indiana; Michigan; Ohio
Connected Solutions Rhode Island Actively Enrolling Rhode Island
Smart Savers program Actively Enrolling New York
Power Smart program Actively Enrolling California
AMP Community Energy Savings Actively Enrolling Michigan; Ohio
Save On Energy Peak Perks program Actively Enrolling
Peak Time Savings Actively Enrolling Illinois
Bring Your Own Thermostat program Actively Enrolling Kentucky; Tennessee
Power Savers Texas Currently Disabled Arkansas; Louisiana; Oklahoma; Texas
TEP Smart Rewards Currently Disabled Arizona
JCP&L Energy Savings Rewards Currently Disabled New Jersey
SWEPCO’s Bring Your Own Device program Currently Disabled Arkansas; Texas