Dual Path Communication

What is dual path communication? It says Qolsys has that and 2GIG doesn’t. Why should I care?

Dual path communication means the control panel can communicate with via both the cellular towers and the Internet. It’s a new feature recently released by Qolsys is the first panel to support dual path. The Qolsys panel communicates with using it’s built-in cellular and WIFI radios simultaneously, drastically increasing reliability and security. It’s a killer feature that I would recommend for any new system. 2GIG doesn’t have it yet but they will soon. There is a new 900 MHz Ethernet/IP bridge that will be available soon for the 2GIG Go!Control panel that adds dual path communication to existing 2GIG systems. The future 2GIG GC3 panel will, of course, most likely have dual path built-in like Qolsys has now.

Works very fast in my testing, all new panels will have this feature… the speed will def be noticed with the ADC app