Adt vista panel

I have an ADT Honeywell Vista panel currently. Will the installer code reset as described in the manual work or is the ADT system properitary?

Does it have wireless sensors on it u will most likely have to replace the panel but then just have to sem module

Don’t understand your reply. I have a hard wired system with one wireless sensor. My question is for the Vista Panel supplied by ADT.Will I be able to utilize the instructions in the SEM manual to reset my installer code or is the Vista Panel proprietary to ADT?

From what I have seen adt priatary to adt settings so the likely of the sem working is very very unlikely

I’m not sure whether the steps to reset the installer code will work on the ADT version of the panel. You might want to try the most common ADT installer code, 6321, first to see if that’s what it currently is. If that’s not it then all you can do is try the reset procedure and see if it works.

It’s a Honeywell Vista that’s slightly modified by Honeywell for ADT. When it comes to programming it’s pretty much like any other Vista.

Would it solve any doubt I have for the SEM working
if I purchased a new Honeywell Key pad and replaced the one ADT installed?

Have you tried resetting the Installer Code already? What was the result?

For SEM compatibility, the keypad doesn’t matter as much as the version of your Vista panel and what is printed on the PROM chip. More information on that can be found here.

What version of the Vista do you have?

I have not attempted to reset the installer code for fear of hosing it up completely. To be clear, the keypad is not the issue, it may be the panel. Correct? I’ve read and reread the instructions on resetting

The keypad doesn’t determine whether the panel is compatible with the SEM, the version of the PROM chip does. Are you able to see the version printed on it as shown here?

If your panel is compatible with the SEM then we recommend getting a full-alpha keypad for the panel to make programming it easier but it’s not required. You can use the non-alpha keypad if you want.

Yes. Here it is.

That should work with the SEM because it’s manufactured since 2005 and version 3.1+. I don’t see any reason why resetting the installer code wouldn’t work but I can’t make any guarantees since it’s ADT. Have you tried both 6321 and 4112 as the installer code?

I have not. I’m hesitant to try for fear of permanently damaging the system

I don’t mean trying to reset it. I just mean trying those to see if they’re already your installer code. Just try entering programming mode with those to see if it works.

Just confirming that a Vista 15PSIA is a Vista panel with some hardcoded limitations to certain programming fields to guarantee compliance with SIA panel standards (dialer delay and exit delay for example don’t have as wide of a range of options)

It is compatible with the SEM and functions otherwise like a normal Vista. You should be able to reset the installer code normally if necessary, but give those two codes a try to see if it is already set as one of those (6321 and 4112).

6321 800 input and 20 showed up. Success! *99 got me back out. Assume by this the SEM will work.

Yes, the Vista 15PSIA is compatible with the SEM.