Adding MyQ WiFi Garage Opener

I am trying to add a garage door to my devices. When I select the MyQ WiFi garage opener, it wants me to input a MyQ Internet Gateway or the MyQ Universal Hub. I have tried to input the serial number on the back of my garage door opener (8160WB), the serial number also has FCC info and a MAC near it, but it is not accepted.

I have verified that the garage door is not in the MyQ app. I would appreciate any solutions or troubleshooting steps.


It’s different depending on whether you have a gateway, hub, etc… If you have the WiFi opener, this should be the guide.

The number required for registration is labeled “MyQ Serial” and may not be on the same label. It is usually on the back of the unit.

If you are still having trouble, send us a private message with the MyQ serial number you see on the device and we can double check it to be sure it doesn’t show as registered to another account.