Adding Harmony Hub Extender as second Z-Wave controller

How do I add a second Z-Wave controller to the IQ Panel? I am trying to add the Logitech Harmony Hub Extender. I have tried device pairing and it found it one time as a repeater but did not work correctly.

Zwave Controller interaction was recently made available through firmware update.

Go to Settings - Installation - Home Control Settings - Disable the “Primary Controller” option.

Then go to Settings - Installation - Home Control Devices. The option to Add/Remove Controller can be found there. The other controller will need to be primary.

Hi Jason,

I had my Qolsys Panel set to automatic updates… I guess it had not taken the update yet. I updated manually and now I see the settings you mention. I disabled the primary controller option. Then tried the Add/Remove Controller Option…That operation always fails and does not find the Logitech Z-Wave controller. I have tried every type of learning mode on the Logitech. Any ideas?

Also what is the Z-wave Controller Shift Option on the IQ Panel? It is right next to the Add/Remove Controller option.

Thanks, Chris

Shift Controller in Z-wave terms means to force that unit into being a secondary controller and giving primary status to another controller. It’s more useful as a feature on devices that default to wanting primary control, like a Vera.

That may be something to look at with the Logitech. Can it be primary?

Ok, waiting to hear back from Logitech. Can the IQ Panel be the Primary and the Logitech a secondary? I am somewhat confused on the IQ Panel Settings. When I uncheck use IQ Panel as Z-Wave Primary… I thought that made it a secondary controller, but now your last post shows that when you use shift controller it forces the IQ Panel to become the second controller. So… If I uncheck Z-Wave Primary Controller, but don’t use Shift Controller , but instead use Add Controller… Does that mean the IQ Panel remains the primary and the Logitech would be secondary? Is there an instruction page for these features that were added in the update?

I need to get verification from Qolsys on this, but I doubt the IQ can be primary in a two controller network.

Ideally you would not want it to be either. The primary controller should be compatible with all devices in the network, and the alarm panel Z-wave controllers will be more limited than other controllers since sensor type devices are not compatible.

As above, Controller Shift, as I understand it, is really a feature best used by a panel like Vera, which can be secondary or primary, but defaults to primary every time a new controller is introduced. To make it secondary instead, you use shift.

I do not see these settings additions in the current version of the manual, but I will be working on getting exact operating descriptions for you.

Ok, I got the Qolsys and Logitech Harmony Hub Extender to work together… Not sure it is the ideal method, but it works.

Qolsys needed to be the primary. I deleted all devices from both the Qolsys and the Logitech. I then reset each to a new individual Z-wave network. I then had the Logitech scan for Z-wave Devices, then selected add device on the Qolsys panel. The Qolsys found the Logitech quickly as an Other Device. The Logitech showed it could not pair… But there it was listed on the Qolsys. I then started adding Lights, Plugs…etc to the Qolsys… Each one also showed up in the Logitech Harmony App. Everything is working perfectly. After syncing the Harmony Touch Remote with the Harmony Hub… The Harmony Touch Remote also shows and works with the Z-Wave devices.

Thanks for the help Jason. I will keep this thread up to date with things good and bad I encounter.

Here is an update: The Logitech Harmony Hub Extender did not work well over time. I have posted in a recent thread about using a Samsung Smart Things Hub that works perfectly in another thread.

Thank you for the follow up! Some controllers do tend to play better with others. I’m glad to hear the Smart Things integration worked well for you!