Adding door codes to kwikset 914 through app

Good afternoon,
I just installed a kwikset 914 w/zwave plus and added it to my Simon xti-5i panel. I’m able to see the lock in the app, through web dashboard and on the panel, however, I’m not able to locate where to add codes other than on the door itself. Is this feature supported and furthermore, does it record the code or a portion of the code to help identify in the logs?

Thank you

The user’s name will be shown in the event history when unlocking using their code.

Thank you very much jason for the prompt reply. You mentioned conflicts with locally added codes which I did not knowing this ahead of time. Can you elaborate as I’m curious if I just add the same codes through the dashboard and app, what issue that might cause?
Thanks again for the help

User codes added directly into the lock will not sync with Sending codes from will use different code slots on the lock and may cause unexpected status syncing issues.

It is recommended to only use to add codes.

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