Adding Device to

I just activated my system. When I add a device to (thermostat or lock) I get a message “We are preparing your system to add the device” (This step usually takes less than a minute)”
It says preparing… but several minutes pass by and nothing happens.

On a Concord 4 there are limited local control options for Z-wave, however you can still add devices. If you are having trouble getting the system into pairing mode or acknowledgement remotely, try pairing the device locally.

Instructions for local installation of Z-wave devices can be found here. Any luck?

If your Z-wave radio is having general trouble, try a power cycle of the system. Unplug the transformer, then unplug the battery. Wait 2 minutes, then power back up battery first. About 5 minutes after booting up try putting the radio into learn mode again in

I don’t understand what this means. The module does not have buttons. I previously had the thermostat and locks set up on a previous provider on the current system. Is that why I’m having a problem? Can you send network rediscovery command? Will that do it?

If you already have the devices enrolled in the module then these will automatically populate when the initial syncing of the system is complete with

Yes, the module has a single control button for adding/removing Z-wave devices as described in the linked instructions.

A Network Rediscovery maps routes for Z-wave devices already enrolled in the module. It does not discover new devices.

It looks like you do have three devices now in your Z-wave device list, two locks and a thermostat. We can send a Network Rediscovery on request for a Concord 4 panel. Send us a private message if you need to request one.

Ok. They are there now. One of the locks however remains in an unknown state. I’m not sure how to get it working. Refresh state does nothing.

I am seeing 3 locks on your account currently, 2 appear to be active and controllable, the 3rd is in malfunction (which means it cannot communicate with the panel). Do you have 3 locks, or just 2?