Adding ADC V521IR

When setting up the camera I can not get into Access Point mode. The Camera flashes blue for WPS, the Red/Green for reset. The led will not flash white for AP mode. Any suggestions?

Power cycle the camera. Leave it off for 30 seconds, then boot it back up. Wait 2 minutes then try again.

If no change, factory reset the camera. Wait 2 minutes after boot up then retry. Any change?

Installation and reset instructions can be found here:

No luck. Still flashes blue for WPS then straight to red green. Never flashes white.

Even after the Factory Reset?

Are you able to connect via WPs?

That is correct, even after a factory reset. The camera acts as if there is no access point mode. This is a new old stock device that is adc branded and arrived in sealed factory package.

My router does not support WPS, so I have no way to determine if I can connect that way. I don’t mind reaching out to the vendor but want to ensure its not a “me” problem first.

As a test, hold down the button on the camera for 7 seconds, then let go. Does it flash white?

It does not. Depending on how fast I count the LED briefly flashes red, then back to a flashing blue, or goes to flashing red green at about the 8 second mark.

Try powering the unit off for about 5 minutes then try again. Also try a different known working outlet, just to be sure.

Otherwise, the unit sounds like it is experiencing hardware failure.

Thanks for the help. Going to go with hardware failure and contact vendor for a replacement.