ADC-VDB770, is it possessed?

I have a ADC-VDB770 installed and it keeps giving false notifications that the bell was pressed. Happens especially once someone has entered or exited the house. Drives me crazy because my wife keep complaining about my decision to go with this doorbell. Can someone please help?

Additionally, I have the analytics on and I made certain that the trigger zone is correctly selected.

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That is certainly odd behavior. Do you have the mounting plate installed? I am curious if vibration from the door is causing a short. This might happen especially if one of the 0 degree mounting plate or angled wedge plates aren’t installed and wires are compressed behind the doorbell.

Mind posting a photo of the device and a side profile shot of it?

Sure. I will in a bit. I have a 15 degree mounting plate installed if that helps

Thanks, double check to make sure the wiring is not pinched anywhere behind the doorbell.

Can you confirm a couple timestamps when a notification was received when no one pressed the button, so we can investigate the history?

I am seeing a lot of cases where button pushed events are coming at the same time as a motion detected event, we just need to confirm which if any are legitimate so we can check for a pattern.

It is looking to me, based on the history and some assumptions, that it may be a software/config bug in the camera.

I would recommend deleting that camera in the Video > Settings > Video Device Info page in, then wait about 30 minutes and connect that camera to your account again.

I checked the wiring and all is fine there. Most of the times there is no video capture or any notifications on the mobile phone but the panel reports a bell ring. No video capture or any other notifications but the panel … Please suggest next steps. Should I delete and reconnect like you suggested?

Yes, I would first delete and relearn the camera. Delete the camera in under the Video > Settings > Video Device Info page.

Wait about 30 minutes for that camera to be fully cleared from ADC, then try relearning.

If you try to pair it and see an error message that means ADC’s system has not fully cleared its registration yet. We have heard this recently regarding doorbells, but it usually resolves within 30 minutes.

After relearning do you notice the same thing?

Thanks Jason. Will give it a shot and will update you.

GM Jason, can you please share the steps to relearn the doorbell? Thanks!

Of course, you can find a guide linked below. The relevant section of it for relearning the camera:

  1. Add the device to the account by using the Mobile App, or by using a web browser and entering the following web address: .
  2. Select the Video Doorbell from the video device list or enter in its MAC address to begin adding the device. The device’s MAC address is located on the included reference card.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish adding the device

Thanks, much appreciated sir!

I haven’t been able to remove and add the doorbell yet as I haven’t had a chance but wanted to let you know that false ring happened twice at 5:00PM ET in quick succession. Please take a look at the account if in case you uncover some issue. I am attaching a picture of the panel as well. Again, no event recording happened. Thanks!!
Happened a few times this morning as well between 10-11AM ET.

The same event sequence shows for those events, where both a motion detection and button push event is reported by the camera simultaneously. The camera will need to be deleted and relearned as the next troubleshooting step.

Deleted the camera and re-learned it in the app as suggested. Got the same phantom alerts at 1:55PM and 1:57PM ET. At wits …
Happened again as I type, at 1:58PM ET.

Another observation, all my recordings from prior to deleting are also there. I thought they were all going to be wiped out. Suggestions???

I would expect those recordings to be removed as well if the camera was removed for a while, though it wouldn’t impact the camera reporting button pushed whenever motion occurs.

It sounds like the camera or its software is malfunctioning. A factory reset would be the next step to take.

Jason, I apologize for the delay in response. Finally reset everything and re-added the door bell. Keeping fingers crossed for the doorbell demons to not return…

@jwcsurety Can additional feedback? Still experiencing the issue and have now disabled analytics rules and motion notifications to panel. Phantom rings still occur time to time. Thanks!

Can you give me a time stamp of a recent alert after the factory reset was performed so I can send it to and investigate any signals on our end?

What model of router are you using?