ADC-V610PT wireless connection problem

Just added a V610-PT Vivint camera to my network. I have other Vivnt cameras working fine. Everything is working as long as it is wired. When I attempt to connect wirelesly, it times out. I tried to add it by copying another cameras setting and manually. All other cameras are on wireless and came up fine. Do you think the camera is defective. Thanks

Do you think the camera is defective.

This is possible, however just to verify:

Have you powered down the 610PT after adding the wireless settings? ADC cameras should be power cycled after wireless setup. Make sure to unplug wired router connection, then power the camera back up. It will take a few minutes to boot fully.

Yes, I powered it down. I had some trouble getting it setup and had to reset it a couple of times. Then it setup fine and the video is good. When it asked for wireless, it just keeps timing out. Do you think I should delete it and start over? I hate to send it back and start over?? Thanks

Do the dip switches have anything to do with the wireless setup?

It would not hurt to delete the device and perform a factory reset then try again. If you were noticing issues during setup originally it may not have registered completely and is having trouble accepting settings.

Are you noticing any intermittent network connectivity in general?

No network issues. Three other cameras are working fine wireless.

Have you had a chance to perform one more reset? Did the camera learn in without trouble?

What issues were you running into originally during setup?

Deleted it and starting over. With a glass of wine LOL

Any idea why it goes from solid red to red and blue while trying to find the router?

It alternates from solid red to red and blue and back to red etc until it times out

No luck on the reboot. Camera works fine hardwired.

What model are the other cameras?

Do you have any special characters in your network key?

I have another v610pt, 520ir and 720 outdoor. I guess if I used a 50ft cat 5 cable, everything would be fine, except the wife would kill me. LOL The others connected just fine, but it was a couple of months ago.

Is the alternating red/blue light normal? I can t remember if the other cameras did this.

Network key is simple no special characters

Anyway to PM on this site, I could give you a call if you dont mind

Anyway to PM on this site I could give you a call if you dont mind

Technical support is handled through our forum. Are you a suretyDIY subscriber? if so we would be able to check on some diagnostics while the camera is connected via the cable.

Blue typically indicates WPS for Video Cameras, but I don’t recall the 610PT supporting WPS.

It sounds like the LED status you are referring to is actually denoting boot-up. How long are you waiting to determine whether the wifi connects? Does the flashing red and blue - red light cycle repeatedly? Or does it go through the red to red and blue to red again just once?

One thing to check if you have the same model camera already is the power supply. Can you try plugging this camera into the other 610PT’s power supply and checking wireless?

I wonder if the wifi chip is not receiving enough power.

Im waiting about 5 minutes for the bar to fill about 20% then it times out. The lights go from solid red to solid red and blue back to all red then red blue, etc. BUT, you may have found something. the power supply I received is a little different. It has several different connectors for the plug. I know some are international. All the other power suppies are a standrd plug. Im going to try one from the 520ir camera. What do you think

My network is WPA2