ADC T40K-HD vs Others

Has anyone done a comprehensive comparison of the ADC T40K-HD Smart Thermostat vs Others? Such as the Nest, Ecobee, Honeywell or really any of the others? Saying something “Works” doesn’t mean all the features come with it … Curious to what others had found as I’m about to replace my CT100.

Information specific to the T40K-HD can be found here:

More information on features included with various Smart Thermostat types can be found below:

Z-Wave Thermostats


  • View/change current thermostat mode and set point
  • Configure automated thermostat schedules
  • Configure thermostat rules
    • (i.e., Extreme Temperature Energy Savings, Sensor Left Open Energy Saver, Smart Away, Fire Safety)
  • Configure thermostat notifications
    • (i.e., Temperature threshold, Humidity, Thermostat changes)
  • Fan control

Thermostat notifications

For Z-Wave thermostats connected to, a notification can be triggered by:

  • A non-scheduled change of target temperature.
  • Scheduled setpoint changes do not trigger notifications, nor are they reported in the customer’s event history.
  • Change of thermostat mode.
  • Threshold temperature excess (and restoration).
  • Humidity threshold.
  • Extreme temperature energy savings rule.
  • Sensor left open energy saver rule. branded smart thermostats will typically offer the most features through over that of other compatible smart thermostats. However, should you move away from the service, you will lose many of those features.


The following features with Nest are available through

  • Current target temperature control
  • Current mode control (Heat, Cool)
  • Scene thermostat control including:
  • Temperature control
  • Mode control


The following features are available for ecobee theromstats on the Website and app:

  • Remote control – change temperature setpoints, heating and cooling mode, and fan modes
  • Ability to view current temperature and humidity levels
  • Automation as part of Scenes
  • HVAC analytics – Severe heating and cooling alerts only