ADC-T3000 Screen Dead

I have an ADC-T3000 and the screen is completely dead. I bought the item from another website that no longer carries ADC hardware, but it is still under warranty. I asked them for assistance and they pretty much told me to stick it. Is there any way to reach ADC to honor their warranty directly?

Typically the warranty would be honored through the vendor it was purchased from.

What troubleshooting has been done to the device?

I have removed the device from power and batteries for 10 minutes… I have not attempted a factory reset becuase I am concerned I won’t be able to control my HVAC if it doesn’t fix the screen issue and it’s no longer paired with the panel.

The readout display is just dead. It started off by being dim, then flickering, and eventually failing all the way. The buttons still light up their appropriate colors.

same behavior as this: New adc-t3000 screen no longer works

I actually just cupped my hands around it, and some of the pixels are indeed illuminating, but it’s very dim. definitely a bad display.

If you have followed the recommendations through on that other post, then replacement would likely be needed although I have reached out to reps to see if they have any additional recommendations. However at this point in the day I do not expect to hear from them until tomorrow.

I will follow up here once I have more information.

I spoke with ADC reps and the only additional step that could be taken at this point is a Factory Reset. I cant say whether this should resolve the issue or not as it does sound like hardware failure.

Additionally, since you aren’t able to see the screen, its going to be very difficult to navigate the menu to factory reset, let alone run exclusion/inclusion commands for the Z-Wave Network.

I was given an ADC ticket ID for warranty, I will PM this to you in just a moment. You may want to reach out to the vendor again with the ADC ID along with the T3000s 16-digit SN (located on the back of the unit just above the Z-Wave Sticker on the top left).