New adc-t3000 screen no longer works

I just installed the thermostat and after connecting it to the panel the screen on the thermostat no longer lights up. If I press any of the buttons on the 3000, the buttons flash amber and blue. Tried a change of batteries and the same. Any ideas?

When the screen is not lighting up and pressing the buttons causes the TSTAT to flash amber, this is indicative of very low battery. What is the date code on the battery you used?

Check the batteries first. Look for fresh ones if you have them, You can factory reset the T-3000 by the following method:

  • Press the Minus button.
  • Select SETTINGS.
  • Select INSTALLER.
  • Select RESET.

You will want to remote the TSTAT from the Z-Wave network (at the panel) first before factory resetting.

I can’t reset it, the screen no longer turns on. If I press any of the 4 buttons, they all light up amber for 3 seconds then change to blue for about 5 seconds then turn off. The energizers are 12/2029 and the duracells are 3/2028. First time turning it on was today. I was setting it up and after I paired it to the iq2 panel, the 3000 lost its screen that shows the temp and modes.

I have also noticed that your service plan does not support remote control of Z-Wave devices, including the ADC-T3000. You will need to update your service plan for further integration with the T-3000 once connected as well.

The Surety Home and Surety Complete plans would allow for this. Plans can be altered through your Surety account via the System Manager feature

When pressing the buttons, they light up, but you cant access deeper control when pressing the button? It just lights up and goes blank?

That is correct. Just the 4 buttons and nothing in the middle. I was going to update the plan once it connected.

Remove the batteries completely. Wait five minutes then re-add the batteries. Any Change?

Just left them out for 10 minutes and no change. Same pattern as before.

Thank you for attempting that. I have reached out to to see if there is anything else that can be tried. Otherwise replacing the TSTAT would be the next course of action. I will follow up as soon as I have more information.

Is the TSTAT connected to the C-Wire?

I removed the 3000 from the iq2 panel. Is there a way to manually add it back? I just updated the plan to include the tstat.

No. It is connected to G, Y, W, RH. I did the digital connect in the setup menu to connect RH and RC.

Thank you for that information. Based on the issue/troubleshooting down. The TSTAT should be replaced. It looks like this was purchased through Surety, correct?

With warranty replacement, you have a couple options:

  1. return the defective item, and once the returned item is received by our team we will ship you a replacement, or

  2. if you would like the replacement shipped prior to the defective equipment arriving at Surety you can purchase a replacement via our online store for us to ship out. The total cost of the replacement order, including shipping, will be refunded once the defective equipment has been returned to us.

Just let me know which option you would like to go with, and I can get the process started.

I will do option 2. Can I order it now or is there anything you need to do first?

you can order it now, I will have customer service get the RMA process started and they will follow up with additional information on getting the defective unit sent back.