ADC-SWM150 and irrigation systems and pool

I just purchase ADC-SWM150 and going to get it installed in a next few weeks. From what I read is that you guys can adjust for sprinklers and pool fill so it does not triggers leak warnings. I also understand that this is done on the dealer side. Have you guys ever done this?

The SWM-150 displays most of its details and settings only on the dealer end and is not terribly conducive to DIYers, but yes if you get one installed you can request that the thresholds for detection are adjusted based on your needs. Simply provide the settings you require in a PM.

The threshold ranges are described in this post:

Note that the SWM-150 requires the special water management plus add-on which can be added on request. Send a PM if you need to add that to your plan.

yes! and there also a set irrigation defaults that the dealer has. This will increase thresholds with one press of a button (on the dealer side). You may wish so also customize it like Jason said.

@xeon I already have irrigation setup through what you mean by set irrigation defaults ?

They are referencing something on the dealer end, it is just a toggle which adjusts various parameters to account for irrigation systems to avoid unnecessary flow alerts.

If you find you need further customization based on specific site needs, send a PM with desired changes.

BTW if you have both Rachio and the SWM150 on your account, there is a bit more advanced data management which occurs automatically to account for irrigation flow. There is no need to manually adjust anything in that case, usually.