ADC SWM-150 max min values


I was wondering if someone could tell me the what maximum and minimum values are for the back-end configurations of the SWM150:

High flow threshold (flow rate)

High flow time (time)

Medium Flow Threshold (flow rate)

Medium Flow Timer (time)

Low Flow timer (time)

High Temp Threshold (temperature)

Low Temp Threshold (temperature)

For example, how high can the high flow threshold be set to, and how low can it be set to? etc. for all the other configurations.


High flow threshold (flow rate) .75 - 26.5gpm

High flow time (time) 0 - 100 min

Medium Flow Threshold (flow rate) .5 - 26.25gpm

Medium Flow Timer (time) 1 - 240 min

Low Flow timer (time) 1 - 24 hr

High Temp Threshold (temperature) 68 - 149

Low Temp Threshold (temperature) 32 - 50

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Much appreciated @jwcsurety

Just one more thing, for the metric volume conversion, are we assuming 1 gallon is 3.78 L?

Or if you can provide the metric values for the volume numbers that would be great!


If you are using LPM instead, the min max for high and medium is 3-100 and 2-99.

For details about how your SWM150 is set up if you are not a Surety subscriber, please reach out to your service provider.

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thanks again, Jason!