About qolsys door contact

Hey there so now my 667 location the front porch door sensor is going off line and back on did it twice today could that be cause of the temperature never had an issue in the past with other systems and last system was a 2gig system or is this an internal issue with the alarm the sensor is brand new from u all installed only a couple weeks

Malfunction means it cannot communicate with the panel. It could be temperature related but could be related to other factors.

  • Is this a IQ Mini 1135-840 and is the sensor mounted outside the home?
  • What type of material is the sensor mounted on?
  • How far away from the main panel is it?

It’s the Iq mini door sensor and it’s the sensor is self is mounted on the wood frame between 2 doors and is less than 4 feet away from the panel see the powerg contact that was on there before this one died and never came back so I bought this sensor but now it’s acting up so could there be any issues with the panel itself ?

Issues with 2 different sensor types at the same install location are certainly odd but that wouldn’t necessarily indicate an issue with the panel itself, especially if other sensors learned into the panel aren’t experiencing similar issues. This sounds more like an installation location issue.

To confirm, this is mounted on a screen/porch door that is outside the home and is not in a temperature controlled environment and open to the elements.

You would not want to place sensors that aren’t rated for outdoor use on a door like that, as this can cause problems with the sensor. The 1135-840 is meant to be used inside.

So what should we use

Anything that’s rated for outdoor use should suffice. Qolsys doesn’t make a 319.5 S-Line outdoor sensor but DSC makes a PowerG one, the PG9314. Unfortunately, it is the only one we carry.

This guide here covers all of the tested compatible sensors from Qolsys directly

However, you may be able to find an outdoor contact on 319.5MHz elsewhere online.

In almost all cases however, the Outdoor contacts are larger in size and more expensive than their indoor counterparts.

Question don’t the dsc powerg door contact have an out put option where I can use the wireless sensor and add a wired door contact

Dsc 9945 contact to be exact

Yes the PG9945 has an aux input. You could run a NC hardwired sensor off of while keeping the PG9945 indoors and out of the elements.

The IQ Mini Door/Window Extended Sensor QS1137-840 has a similar feature as well.

So I would just need buy a hardwired door contact then correct ? Just thinking of keeping cost down what I’m think of doing it just hard wireing the contact to the front door sensor but how would I relearn it in

On the sensor programming page you should have the option for “Sensor Input” Choose EOL Normally Closed to use the input switch, not the reed switch on the PG9945.

However, I believe this would be an either or scenario, so you couldn’t use the PG9945 Internal reed switch and the aux input, one or the other. I am attempting to confirm.

You can use one sensor for both. You would just program the same sensor again but use EOL instead of reed switch. So you would have two sensors with the same ID but one is using EOL Normally Closed and the other is using Reed Switch

So this will work

yes, youll need the wire and wired contact to run from the aux terminal on the sensor itself. Then you should be able to program in the aux via the method above

Ok so it’s be the same sensor just 2 different zones

Yup, that’s it!