2TB Drive Model for SVR122

I saw that the SVR122 now supports up to a 2TB drive and is also sold that way. The WD Purple line of drives does not have a 2.5" version so what model drive are they using in these? I suppose I could open up the 1TB version and look as well but if someone knows that would help I can only get 8-10 days with 4 cameras on the FULL HD setting I need at least 2 weeks and if I drop the quality license plates are not clear. The next best option would be the WD RED NAS drives but looking for advice.

Alarm.com recommends 2.5" Seagate hard drives for the 2 TB replacements.

To install a new hard drive:

  1. Log into the Alarm.com Website.
  2. Click Video .
  3. Click Settings .
  4. In the Video Device dropdown menu, select the desired SVR.
  5. Click Drive Management .
  6. Click Replace , then follow the on-screen instructions.

Thanks. Does anyone know what Seagate part number they are using in the OEM 2TB model they are shipping? Most 2.5" drives I have found are not “video/DVR” rated. The only seagate drive are the barracuda line in 2.5". Would be curious to know if someone has already opened one of the 2TB models to see.

Also has anyone figured out a way to archive video off the SVR122 to say a larger NAS device?

The 2.5" Barracuda from Seagate is the drive that is recommended. Currently, Seagate’s surveillance offering only comes in a 3.5"

I don’t have an SVR 2TB in front of me atm but I am trying to track down which specific drive is installed in that version (it is not listed)

I opened up my 1TB model and this is the drive in it…

SOrry crossed in post streams :wink:

No worries!

If I can track down the specific model, I’ll post it

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It would be interesting to know as the 1TB WD was still considered a 24x7 “video” drive. the Barracuda is a standard laptop/desktop drive not sure it’s 24x7 rated so knowing what ADC is shipping OEM would be most helpful!

SO far this may be the best option. It’s a “Gaming” drive but comes in 2TB and has a 5-year warranty. It’s a seagate hybrid, but can’t find much else other than the standard WD BLUE or standard Barracuda

The 2.5" Barracuda is the recommended drive, still no word on what actually comes in the SVR-122. Its likely the Barracuda, unfortunately, their documentation does not say, so I’m still waiting on word from ADC techs. With COVID, most are remote and no one seems to have one in front of them to crack open and check.

Regarding the Firecuda, the hybrid style has not been tested compatible with the SVR-122 so I could not recommend it. Depending on the return policy it may be worth giving it a shot.

The SVR122-2TB comes with the following drive:

Seagate Video 2.5 HDD 2TB - model # ST2000VT000

I don’t know how trusty that website is but that is the right one: https://www.directitsource.com/Seagate-ST2000VT000-2TB-5-4K-SATA-2-5-Hard-Driv-p/st2000vt000-ds2.htm

Not easy to track down info on that model through Seagate, but this appears to be a data sheet for it.

Yeah it’s a Video rated drive, but does not appear to be available in any normal channels. I even have an Ingram Micro account and can’t find it there…

ADC really needs a current list of “supported/tested” drives. The Video spec ones are very different 24x7 ratings than a standard barracuda drive which is a desktop drive with only a 2-year warranty. I am still inclined to test a FireCuda as a SATA drive is a SATA drive and I am also curious why anything larger than 2TB won’t work unless the firmware has a hard limit on how it formats it. there’s a lot that can be tested here :wink:

It has been stated by ADC that the SVR-122 is only compatible with 500GB, 1TB and 2TB drives.

Yeah I read that I am just “curious” what would happen with a 4GB drive installed if it only hard formats it to 2TB in the OS. that’s all :slight_smile:

If I can find a firecuda I will report back the results I guess…5 year warranty and hybrid SSD for $75 it’s worth a try!

I currently have the 1TB SVR122. Is it possible to swap out the hard drive with a 2TB?

Yes, from ADC instructions:

The ADC-SVR122 uses 2.5" SATA drives and supports a storage maximum of 2TBs.

Alarm.com recommends using the Western Digital purple series hard drives for the 500GB or 1TB replacements and Seagate hard drives for the 2 TB replacements. These drives have been tested and ship with the Stream Video Recorder and are specifically made for surveillance applications.

The Stream Video Recorder can support solid-state drives (SSD), but the benefits are irrelevant to the Stream Video Recorder and don’t justify the additional expense.

Caution: Using an unapproved hard drive or modifying the device in other ways could void the warranty.

To install a new hard drive:

Log into the Alarm.com website.
Click Video.
Click Settings.
In the Video Device dropdown menu, select the desired SVR.
Click Drive Management.
Click Replace, then follow the on-screen instructions.