2GIG Go!Control Time is Wrong after DST change

The time did ‘fall back’ on my system on 11/4, but it fell back 2 hours for some reason. It is now 1 hour behind, and I’ve tried manually changing it via the toolbox. It is being forcefully updated by Alarm.com within a few hours of my manual change. I verified my time zone is configured correctly on Alarm.com.

How do I get the time with correct DST offset on my system?

Looks like this may be similar to this thread.

Both the panel and ADC have DST settings, and I wonder if in a case like this the 2GIG Panel performed the change in addition to ADC in error.

Try going into programming and disabling Q66 as a test. Then run a Cell Phone Test at your panel. Do you see a change?

Setting Q66 to disabled (0) and applying, allowing the system to reboot (time still showed wrong after reboot), then running a cell phone test seems to have worked. Immediately following the cell phone test, time was correct. Thanks!