2GIG-GC3e programming help

Need help programing the 2GIG-GC3e panel.
Have a Takeover module, 2 wireless contacts and 1 motion detector.
Walk test works ok, but cannot get zones to chime when open.
All are on SmartArea S1.
This happens even when programming after default resets.

Where it the the TAKE-345 mounted? is it inside a metal can or outside? How far away from the main panel is it?

The first thing I would do in this case is to power down the main panel completely, transformer first, then the internal battery. Leave the unit powered down for about 2 minutes, then power it back up, battery first, then the internal transformer. When the unit boots back up, any change?

Once the malfunction on the zones has cleared, you will want to look at the chime issue. Regarding the chiming of zones when open, current programming looks good, they have the necessary settings to chime.

What about the volume sliders? If you navigate to System Settings, then Sounds, what is the volume slider set to for Voice and Chimes? If its all the way to the left, that would be off. Is it?

Last night I got an alarm on th eoanel, something about LOSS OF SUPERVISION, on all zones ( zones from the TakeOver switch, wireless contacts and motion detector.

Panel power off for about 10 minutes, power down takeover switch.
put back battery first then power wires, on panel and takeover switch

Walk test detect zones triggered, but chime still not working, even on the wireless contacts.

Still got LOSS OF SUPERVISION on al zones when writing this . ( 12:38 pm CST )

even one contact that is about 20 ft from panel shows loss of supervision

Sound level of chime is set to the right

takeover switch mounted ouside metal box, about 8 inchces from it.

From Main Control, switch distance is about 20-25 ft.

Still got LOSS OF SUPERVISION on al zones when writing this

LOSS OF SUPERVISION and Malfunction both indicate that the sensors cannot communicate with the panel.

Currently the system is not reporting this status however. (Last Loss of Supervision cleared at 12:51 CST) Are you able to confirm?

Records indicate that the panel was just recently in alarm but this appears to have just been cleared from your end.

Does the panel make noise at all? Sirens, Voice Announcements, etc. ? Is the only sound issue the Chime noise when tripping a sensor? Does the panel announce the name of the sensor when the sensor is being tripped?

Yes, it does noises, Says Not Ready to ARM,

a few minutes ago, did a stay arm ( bypassing all sensors ) then disarm. keypad beeps when pressing something,
Siren sound ok, by error, when removing panel I activated a panic, and could hear the siren.
And at this time, 1:15 CST still show LOSS OF SUPERVISION ON ALL ZONES, even the nearest one to the panel.

I remember, first time after we add the panel to the account, that an update message appear on the display, pless allow or ok, the panel download something, then rebooted.

But on the log it said something about update not succesfully applied or something like that.

don’t know if this is related.

But on the log it said something about update not succesfully applied or something like that.

Can you post a picture of this?

Sensors are still not reporting a malfunction in Alarm.com at this time and signalling is good as well.

Where exactly are you seeing this Loss of Supervision error at this time? Are you able to post a picture of this screen?

When triggering a sensor, does it report to the panel that it has been opened?

Was this panel in use with working sound before signing up for service or is this a brand new panel?

It doesn’t report any zone open, just the walk test get that.

Have you used this panel previously, (before signing up for service with Surety) or is it a brand new panel?

I ask because it looks like all sensors periodically report Loss of Supervision (Those learned into the TAKE-345 and the wireless sensors). Has this panel every had the sensors all working correctly?

It is a new panel

Programmed once before getting service, but could not make the chime to work, then about 7 hours after, loss of supervision.
Reset all setting on the menu, relearn sensors. Still no chime and trouble appears again.

You mention using a walk test and that it works during the walk test. There is no normal circumstance where the sensors will report during a walk test and not report to the panel during normal operation.

Just as a sanity check here, go to System Settings > Sounds. Can you make sure all announcements and chimes are set to full volume?

However, in general, I am not seeing sensor activity from any of your zones reported in Alarm.com. It looks like your panel’s transceiver is simply not working. However, that would mean it shouldn’t work during a walk test either.

If you can confirm it does in fact trigger zones during walk test but not outside of walk test, I would recommend getting that panel replaced as it sounds like a serious panel failure. If it is new it should be under warranty. Be sure to contact the vendor where you purchased the panel for warranty details.

Tomorrow I am installing a new panel.
Question. The only thing that I have to do is remove the cell radio on the old panel and put it into the new? and program zones / etc ?

Yes, Make sure you power down the panel completely, transformer first, then the internal battery, before removing the cell sled. Likewise, when you install the cell sled, make sure the new panel is completely powered off.

After installing the module and pairing the sensors to the new panel, you’ll need to run a cell test to re-connect to service.

During this time, you may want to put your 24/7 monitoring account on test mode as well, to avoid any false alarms that could occur. You can do this by logging in to your Surety account, clicking on the System Manager tab and then the Professional Monitoring tab.

Installed new panel, walk test ok, I can arm ./ disarm with the app, but still no chime, sensors on the apps show status unknown.
Did a remote reboot, walk test a sensor is OK, but no chime.

What are the model numbers of your wireless sensors? Are they normal 2GIG sensors or are they e-series encrypted models?

The ones that come with the kit and a Take Over module