2gig GC3 Supported Hardware

You are correct above.

I tried jumping pos to row1 C and got nothing in alarm state.

I mean I didnt get any voltage on the NO pole.

Well unfortunately this is a difficult and confusing case, but if the relay switches voltage away from NC but NO does not show voltage you’ve probably got a defective one.

Ok, well thank you very much again for all the help. Hugely appreciated.

I was looking into the Everspring SE812 as an option for my GC3 panel, but a review on Amazon.com says it didn’t work with the GC3. Anyone have confirmation that this will work? Also, how reliable are these Z-Wave sirens? I don’t have any other Z-Wave components yet. What other options are there?


The utilitech/everspring siren should work with the GC3. This thread is related.

Z-wave in general is more reliable the more repeating nodes you have. If it is your only device, range will be more limited but Z-wave sirens in general are the best wireless option. (really the only one)

You can wire low-current sounders to the GC3 bell output, or use a relay and alternate power source for other sounders, but wiring can be costly and/or very difficult, so Z-wave is usually preferred unless you have existing siren wiring.

Thanks Jason.