2Gig GC3 Panel Error Messages will not clear

My panel is showing Console Broadband Network Failure and Cellphone Communication Failure from 8/9/17 on Smart area 1 (the panel was just installed on May 25, 2019)- These messages will not clear even with a hard reboot.

Smart area 2 and 3 also have an error message of Broadband Network Failure from 5/25/19 - Again, this message will not clear with a hard reboot.

The system is connected and reporting all zones. The Radio test and Network test were both done and successful.

I’m not sure what I can do next to try to clear these errors.

Is the panel connected to broadband?

Have you tried acknowledging the trouble alerts? To do so, start by clicking on Smart Areas and entering the user code. You should see a message icon (speech bubble) next to each smart area. You can press acknowledge to make it go away.

Note that trouble alerts will come back until the underlying issue is resolved.

Was acknowledging the trouble alert successful? If not, did the alert go away and return or never go away?

The panel is connected to a cellular radio module and my WiFi. Both the radio test and Network test were successful

All trouble alerts were acknowledged. The message bubble never went away. I even turned off Q33, 34 & 35 and the trouble alert message bubble was still there…

The panel has not beeped for since acknowledging the trouble alert one week ago, everything is working and reporting correctly but the trouble message bubble will not go away and my “Smart Area” button remains yellow.

If you reboot your panel through your System Manager, does the message go away? Does it return?

The messages never go away. I rebooted through system manager, the messages were still there. I then did a hard reboot by unplugging and removing the battery, waiting 2+ minutes, powering back up and it made no difference, error messages remain.

All zones are reporting to alarm.com and are functioning properly.

Has the arming state of all of the Smart Areas changed since installation?

We are reaching out to 2GIG for more info, but it sounds like broadband/cellular connection errors are now partition specific, but the trouble acknowledgement function is not. Just to be clear, you are seeing a flashing message alert icon on the home screen at the top?

Note that these events will remain in System Info > History, that is normal.

When we test signaling, both broadband and cellular pings are immediately acknowledged by the system, so you are correct that everything is otherwise functioning normally.

It would be safe to disregard the trouble alerts until we hear back from 2GIG. I can’t replicate what you are seeing here.

As another test, I’ve sent some panel and sensor status commands which should force the panel to sync with ADC and recheck status. Any change?

Hi Jason,
I can’t thank you enough for your help. I am not seeing a flashing message alert icon on the home screen, The “Smart Area” button should be blue when all is okay, it is yellow, meaning there is an error message (trouble alert) in the partitions.

It was originally beeping and flashing until the alert was acknowledged, then it stopped beeping but the message bubble remained in the partitions.

I have attached pictures of my home screen with the yellow “smart areas” button, the smart area home screen with a list of each of my partitions along with the message bubble and each of the message bubble messages when I open them.

Please let me know what other information may help to figure this out.

Thank You Again!





Thank you! We have followed up with 2GIG and included the new images you have sent. We will follow up with you here as soon as we hear back.

Any news from 2Gig? Has anyone else had this happen when using partitions?

Apologies for the delay. 2GIG confirms that this is a bug in the firmware 3.2.1. IF there was a history errors in the partition, the Smart Areas button will remain yellow regardless of whether or not the the trouble alert has been acknowledged and the underlying issue has been resolved.

At this time, the only fix is to wait for new firmware.

Hi Tyler,
Thank you so much! Surety’s service and support has been terrific! Glad to know 2Gig will fix this in the future. The panel is working great and Love the partitions.

Thanks so much again!!

I have this same problem and am on 3.2.1 on my gc3e. Did this problem get resolved with latest firmware release. 3.2.3?

No, unfortunately it looks like this is still occurring based on testing. It was not mentioned in the 3.2.3 firmware release notes either.

We are checking with 2GIG again, but typically there won’t be an update until the firmware is ready to push.