2 issues , communication

Yesterday I heard my alarm panel start beeping.

2gig. Gc3 notification said radio module couldn’t connect. I don’t know why it kept trying to connect t to CS but failed.

I happen to have had a secondary radio sled.
So I put it in did the swap radio , put in the imie. And performed the radio test. It says all is good on the panel.

But in the app and on suretyhome under device it says radio error not communicating.

The dual path , I imagine was from yesterday, when I added wifi to it. I hit forget network to see if it would go away. That hasn’t.

But even with the new radio sled that test ok, it still isn’t working.

Any ideas ?

This is likely experiencing signaling issues due to the ongoing operations alert here:

There is an issue affecting some Verizon LTE modules causing failures at the carrier level. Alarm.com and Verizon are working on this now.

Enabling dual path by connecting the panel to wifi is recommended.

I would try powering down the system for 2 minutes, then power back up, wait a few minutes and run a cell test. Any luck? If not you are likely experiencing this carrier issue. It should be resolved without the need for additional troubleshooting soon.

Adding wifi will allow the system to communicate via broadband.

I unplugged the transformer and battery waited 5 minutes.

Now I see both sled modules say either cell radio module status not detected. Or than it pops back up to test radio than fails.

But seeing as how it is two different working sleds , I hope it is that Verizon problem.

It does appear that your system was affected by the outage. Alarm.com has stated that Verizon is rolling out some updates to their system to resolve the issue we have been seeing, so it shouldn’t be much longer on that.

The module status not detected is an intermittent thing we have seen on GC3s for a long time, I would recommend powering down the system and physically swapping the cell module while the system is powered down if you have been using the Cell swap process in settings.