16-F: Extend power and suggestion for panel lock

As part of my Surety upgrade, I replaced my Concord panel with a 16-F large enclosure. The power adapter that comes with it doesn’t have terminals and is a bit too short - any recs on how to extend the length a bit? (I’m new to low voltage unfortunately, so not sure what kind of cable I’d need and if adding is safe to do, or if I should bite the bullet and have an electrician come out and wire a closer outlet)

Also any recommendations for a locking mechanism for the enclosure panel door? TIA!

You can extend the cable by splicing some 18/2 or 20/2 AWG cable onto the end of the transformer’s cable. Use B-wire connectors or wire nuts to complete the splice.

The same solution to crimping using b-wire connectors as described here:

Having an electrician put in an outlet would be fine if there were no outlet at all near the Hardwire 16-F location, but if all you need to do is extend the cable a little bit there is no reason for that kind of expensive solution.

You can add an optional cam lock, but in most cases a screw is used in the screw lock on the right hand side to hold it shut.