10 Camera System w/ 40 days Cloud Recording Recommendation

Hi, I’m going to be adding a system with full retail alarm system, and I’ll be installing 5 to 10 cameras. The State requires 40 DAYS worth of video recorded offsite in real time.

Opening a new business, the budget is already maxed out, so I’d like to start with an entry level system, and then improve it as cash flow allows in several months.

The application is highly sensitive, prone to burglary and robbery due to high volume cash business, so eventually HD cameras will be necessary but I may start with standard def, with maybe 1 or 2 HD cams to start in critical locations.

I have qty:8 ADT 640x380px 30fps IP Cams I could use. They are working on my router right now as IP Cams without an ADT system. They are RC8021WADT.

I’d appreciate any advice in hardware and service plans.

Thanks very much!

…if you can, please recommend both basic cams (if existing IP cams won’t work), and cams with audio and/or IR for future upgrade. Thanks!

Based on your requirements it looks like our DIY Alarm.com cloud video may not meet your needs. Alarm.com video only records video clip “events” in the cloud. You would program recording rules/schedules through your Alarm.com account that do things like:

  • Record and upload a clip when motion is detected at all times.
  • Record and upload a clip when the alarm sounds.
  • Record and upload a clip when the front door opens.
  • Etc...

If your state requires 40 days of video recorded off-site then that sounds to me like 40 days of continuous video, which Alarm.com can not do. You should talk to your state and find out.

Alarm.com is going to be releasing an on-site continuous recording device called the SVR that will record continuously. With the SVR, video would be recorded continuously on-site and the programmed “event” video clips would still be uploaded to the cloud as they are now.

If you decide that on-site continuous recording along with off-site “event” clips recorded in the cloud is sufficient then Alarm.com video might be a great fit for you. Keep in mind that the SVR has not been released yet, it’s been in beta testing for almost a year now. If you do decide to go the Alarm.com video route, stick with the Alarm.com branded cameras on this page, not the 2GIG branded camera. Only the Alarm.com branded cameras will work with the SVR.


If you wanted to use existing standard definition analog cameras then you can link them into Alarm.com with this video encoder/server.


ADT IP cameras will not work with the Alarm.com video service. If you need 40 days of continuous off-site recording and off-site video clips won’t suffice then you’ll need to find another solution.

In December, Alarm.com acquired a commercial hosted video company called Secure-i that is probably worth a look.


I’m not sure when Secure-i will be integrated with Alarm.com’s existing alarm and video services as this acquisition just occurred a few months ago.

Thanks Ryan, I will look into this a bit more. I’ll be disappointed if I can’t make this work as I’ve been very satisfied with your Alarm.com coverage of my present business for the past 3 years, which will continue regardlesss.