Zwave Switches not turning off regurally

We have a newly installed GC3 panel. We have added two Zwave light/appliance switches to the panel. I have both of them scheduled to come on at dusk and off at midnight. Now, they have yet to fail to come on but about half they time they do not turn off. Any suggestions of why that might happen? I had both of these set up with SmartThings before, and never had a issue.


Have you tried deleting and recreating the schedule?

I’m not sure if it is included, but a number of Z-wave improvements are expected in the first firmware drop for the GC3.

Also, where in relation to where the ST controller was is the GC3 panel now? How much distance is between the panel and the devices?

There is maybe 50ft or less. Same floor, open space between them. ST use to be in the basement on the other side of the house. I haven’t tried deleting and re-adding them.

Typically the first troubleshooting step for Z-wave rules causing issues is to recreate them. This will force the rule to be resent and resaved at the panel.

If you notice the rule still not turning off after, try setting up two separate rules in ADC, one to turn on, and one to turn off. Any change?