Zwave module

Will my ct30 thermostat zwave module work in a ct32 that doesn’t have one? Would like to get my thermostat back up and running with for as cheap as possible.

The two use the same USNAP module for Z-wave control so yes, you should be able to do that.

Ok thanks. Will it need to reprogrammed since I’m using the same snap module?

Yes, regardless of that the device should be re-added fresh into your Z-wave network and new schedules applied to the new device.

Ok thanks again. I got everything up and running. Glad to have my thermostat back.

Hey guys. Any reason I can’t pull up the thermostat status on the panel? I can on the app, and change temp and what not, but not on the panel.

Are you not seeing the thermostat listed on the panel under Z-wave? Or is the panel timing out when accessing the thermostat device controls?

Timing out.

Try running a network rediscovery at your panel. This is necessary after adding or removing devices to ensure transmission routes are mapped.

Note that I only see one repeating node on the network, and a few battery operated ones. Depending on the distance and intervening materials, the panel may have some trouble with two way signaling to the thermostat.

Also the thermostat is reporting as having been learned in on Battery power. This places the thermostat in a permanent power save mode which impacts signaling and it will not act as a repeater. You could try re-learning the thermostat while AC powered (requires a C-wire)

I have run the network rediscovery and still the same. Don’t have c wire to hook it up too. The previous ran off batteries and had no problems. This one is just a upgraded version I believe.

How far away from the panel was it when learned in? Be sure to learn it into the panel within 6 feet or so. Proximity is very important for battery operated units during pairing.

Maybe 6 feet. Panel is on the wall of a hallway. Thermostat is almost behind it.

2GIG indicates that the GC2 FW would need to be at 1.14 or above for compatibility with the CT32. It appears that your panel’s firmware is at 1.9.6 and would need to be upgraded.

Additionally, indicates that the CT32 firmware would need to be at FW ver. 01.02 or above for compatibility as well.

Ok thanks for the help, guys. I think I’ll leave well enough alone.

Can that update be done ota?
Edit.Nevermind Looks like I need a cable

an OTA can be sent to upgrade your panel’s firmware but are somewhat incremental. To get from 1.9.6 to 1.14 would be two separate OTA updates. The first to take the panel to 1.12 and the second to take you to 1.14 (or rather 1.19.1 which is the most recent) Each OTA update incurs a $10 data charge and can take anywhere from 3-12 hours to complete. Essentially, to get from your current FW of 1.9.6 to the most recent firmware, 1.19.1 would take two separate OTA updates.

To request an OTA, please send your request via the secure message tool to our customer service team to get started.

Alternatively, the USB update cable can be used to update FW locally provided you have a PC. Steps on how to update the firmware that way are outlined via the previous link.

Dang $20. Cable $26. ???