Zwave door lock has gone off line.

What can I do to resolve this issue?

Happy to help!

When a device goes off line this means that supervision has not been acknowledged. The communication between the panel and the lock in this case may be weak.

How far away from the panel is the lock? Has this happened before?

You will want to remove the lock from the Z-Wave network and add it back in. When re-pairing the lock with the panel you will want the two devices to be within 6 feet of one another. Once complete you will want to leave them near each other for about five minutes or so afterwards to give the lock a chance to complete secure enrollment. Then you will want to put the device back in their original installation points and run a network rediscovery. Once done, any change?

Note that Z-Wave is a mesh network with a limited range of communication and relies on multiple nodes in the network for optimal communication. I only see one Z-Wave device in use, is that correct? AC powered Z-Wave devices act as repeating nodes in the network, thereby strengthening communication pathways etc. Additionally, Z-Wave locks are battery powered and operate in a power save mode. This can cause issues with communication, especially if the lock is the only device in the network. More on Z-wave device set up and mesh network can be found here.

It would appear that you are still having trouble with your Z-wave lock. Records indicate that the lock has not completed the secure enrollment process. This is typically due to a lack of proximity, the lock and controller need to be within 6 feet of one another during the enrolling process.

You will need to remove the lock from the controller(panel) and re-add it again.

Be sure to leave the lock and the controller within six feet of one another during the pairing process and leave them together for a few minutes (5 -10) to give them the opportunity to complete the secure enrollment process. Then be sure to run a network rediscovery once the devices are in their final installation locations as before.

Please note Secure Enrollment needs to pass completely before the lock can be utilized.

After reinstalling within 6 feet do you still see this issue or has it resolved? If not, when did this issue start?