Zwave dimmer goes on randomly outside of schedule

I have an ongoing issue with a Nortek model PD300EMZ-1 Dimmer Module connected my 2GIG-CP21 panel. I have a schedule setup to turn on the module daily around 6pm, off at 10pm. The works all the time, but then the module turns on randomly turns on later in the evening. The random turn on does not occur every day, maybe once or twice a week.

So far, I have tried to:

  1. Remove and recreate the schedule in, didn’t solve it.
  2. Remove the zwave device from the panel and re-added, did not solve it either.

Anyone else with this issue and a suggestion to resolve it?


The steps you have already taken would be the first two suggestions for troubleshooting in this case. When deleting and re-creating the rule, did you wait 5 minutes in between deletion and creation then testing?

How old is the Dimmer in question?
How far away from the main panel is it?
How many Z-Wave devices that act as repeaters are in use?

I don’t believe I waited 5 mins between deletion and recreating the rule, so I’ll try that next.

The dimmer is less than a year old.

One room away from the panel.

No other zwave devices except a repeater.

One other question…when checking the log in the app, I can see the light going off as expected, and the random turn on is also logged. Since it’s logged, does that mean the panel is asking it to turn on, or would be logged if the dimmer itself decided to go on?

Is there anyone else at the home which might interact with the panel to control the light?

The only times I see what I think is what you are describing, the Dimmer doesn’t just turn back on, it turns on to a specific different dim level.

Is 1/24 the last evening this happened?

The status would be updated when the panel sees the change, which could be from any source, the panel or at the switch itself.

We know it isn’t a remote command because there is no command at that time.

Hi Jason-

No one is interacting with the panel, nor is anyone trying to control the light from the mobile app. It should only be going on via the schedule. It happened 1/24, and today 1/25 it happened again, the mobile app log shows 9:14am dimmer set to 4%, then 9:14am again dimmer set to 52%. Really weird.

Yesterday I deleted the schedule for this lamp, then waited 15 minutes before recreating it.

I have removed it from the panel and re-added in the past, but I’m not sure if I ran a factory reset on the dimmer, I might try that.

I have an older 2GIG-CP21 panel, and the dimmer is a Zwave Plus model, Nortek PD300EMZ5-1. I actually ordered a PD300Z-2 non-Plusl model, but I ended up with the newer Plus model which stated it was compatible with older panels. Now I wonder if the dimmer itself is faulty or maybe not-compatible or maybe has a brain of its own and wants to be on all the time.


Alright, yeah I would recommend trying a factory reset on the Switch. Do you still notice the same issue afterward?

Just to close this item… I reported the Nortek model PD300EMZ-1 Dimmer Module as defective to the supplier and got a replacement. The 2nd dimmer did the same thing, so I figured it really was simply not fully compatable with my panel. I replaced it with a PD300Z-2 Z-Wave Plug-in Dimmer Module and it works great.