Zwave device custom configuration with 2gig panel

Is it possible to set custom configuration parameters for devices like light switches to change things like LED behavior with the 2gig panel as the primary controller?

Can this be done on the 2gig directly or can it be done using some handheld controller set as a secondary controller.

The 2Gig panel is incapable of deep customization like that, and it cannot be the primary controller in a network, it must be secondary.

That said, you can use a different primary controller with those features and learn the 2Gig panel in as a secondary controller to it. The process for doing so with Vera is found here.

The trick is to make sure you have all the devices on your network learned into the Primary controller, then learn the 2Gig as the secondary. The primary will share all the node info with 2Gig.

In case anyone else has this issue, I have found a way to do this.

I used InControl HA with the Aeon Labs ZStick on a PC.

-You have to join the ZStick to the 2gig as a secondary controller as described here:

-Then set the configuration parameters as show here:

-Also, you can set different group associations for scene controllers that support multiple groups using InControl HA also.

One issue that I have found is that since the ZStick is a static controller, you have to either leave it in a powered on PC at all times or use a wall plug with USB like for charging phones to power it at all times so that the 2gig doesn’t complain about device failure.