Zwave Basics and Setup Requirements

The Go!Control Panel houses a built-in Z-Wave controller. Z-Wave is a ~900mhz frequency radio band used in a two-way mesh network to provide communication with automation devices. Devices include the following.

Each device in a ZWave network is designated as a numbered Node. These nodes operate wirelessly and are powered by a variety of means. Those powered by 120vAC, such as lighting and dedicated repeaters, extend the reach of the network and strengthen it by acting as wireless bridges. Commands sent by the 2Gig controller are picked up and re-transmitted. These are tremendously important where battery operated devices are used in mass.

For each door lock installed beyond the first, expect to require a repeating node or two. Battery operated nodes sleep when not in use to conserve power. Repeating nodes will amplify the controller’s signal to make sure the battery operated devices do not lose connection to the network.

A signal can make up to five “jumps” in a network to reach its intended node. Distance is a factor, so centrally locating the control panel is important, especially when designing larger systems.

If you ever have trouble with a Zwave device signal after it has been added to your network, the first troubleshooting step should be a network rediscovery. This will repair routes and find active devices. This is particularly useful if you are prone to wanting to move plug-in appliance modules to different locations periodically.

My understanding is the 2GIG panel has at least two different zwave hardware versions.

2.78, and 3.42

What are the specific differences? What does zwave version 3.42 bring that is lacking in version 2.78? Device compatibility? Zwave improvements/fixes?

2GIG Zwave v2.78

2GIG Zwave v3.42

In conjunction with 1.12 firmware there are some dealer-available diagnostic tools added, as well as in-depth network command counters for troubleshooting. I do not have a list of passive changes to the 2.78 Zwave version, but can attempt to obtain one. Most compatibility is handled by the 2Gig firmware.

Zwave version 3.42 was on panels running firmware 1.10, 1.10.1 to my knowledge.

Correct, Zwave 3.42 has existed for a while now.

I’m under the impression the back-end diagnostics are unavailable on 2.78 zwave panels, but perhaps that is misremembered. Do you currently use a 3.42 or 2.78 panel?

I have had panels with both versions. Usually a zwave version introduces zwave device compatibility if that device uses the newer zwave protocol.

For example, only devices that supported 2.78 could be used by the panel (prior to 3.42)

True, however all devices supporting 2.78 aren’t compatible with the 2Gig panel. Ultimately it is the panel firmware which plays gatekeeper, so to speak.

As far as what was added recently regarding compatibility, only the BE468 Schlage comes to mind. I can inquire about future planned additions.

I just like to know the specific changes between the zwave versions 2.78 and b3.42

My guess is the new zwave came out about the time all those zwave fixes, new device support came out with 1.10, so…what does it offer 2GIG users that 2.78 was lacking?

As far as I know 1.10 didn’t introduce any new backend remote capabilities just schlage zwave and zwave energy metering support.

I can try to get a list of those changes. They are not in the standard release notes.

Hi, does anyone know if the 2gig Go! Control panel has z-wave control enabled if I buy it from suretydiy? I don’t need remote control of z-wave devices ( in this case a siren). I just want the GC panel to be able to sound an internal siren like this one:

Do I need a gold plan to do this? I apologize if this question is in the wrong forum.


Direct panel control of compatible Zwave devices is available whether or not you have an account. Q79 in programming would be set to (2).

Any panel purchased or used with our service is programmed entirely at the user’s discretion (there are defaults we set up, but any and everything can be altered how you like)

I don't need remote control of z-wave devices ( in this case a siren). I just want the GC panel to be able to sound an internal siren...
Do I need a gold plan to do this?

There seems to be some confusion here regarding zwave sirens.

Zwave sirens are not remote controllable or configurable via Rules or Scenes, and whether or not Q79 is set to (2) or (3) is irrevelant, and does not apply when it comes to using zwave sirens.

No empower automation or Gold plan is required to use zwave sirens either.

Zwave sirens are on when panel/TS1 siren is on, and off when the panel/TS1 siren is off.

Only Q88 applies to zwave siren. (Setting Q88(0) allows zwave siren to sound in both fire and alarm events).

For listing of compatible sirens,see:

^ True, I should’ve been specific toward the siren. But, in general the answer to the first question is that there are no artificial limits placed on equipment whatsoever.

Note that the 2Gig panel can be used with any compatible Zwave devices with or without service. You would not have ADC remote access but could use 2Gig local automation.

In the event that you do have ADC empower home automation, you will see the zwave siren listed as a zwave device, but that is it.

Hi Jason,

Does the 2GIG panel with z wave version 2.78 support the Linear GD00Z-4 garage door opener? And the new z wave bulb LB60Z-1? The new bulb uses Z wave plus technology.


Please see this thread regarding the GD00Z-4.

Yes, the LB60Z-1 works with 2GIG and I have been using them at home and have found they work great.

Thanks! Just installed one yesterday and it works great!

Any idea if this module made by Aeon works with 2GIG?

I am thinking it should since it is a simple on/off switch. But thought I might just check.

I know this one works so I’ll bet that one works too.